Tuesday, August 14, 2012

gold medal winner

raiun 1

i wasn't sure i was going to finish in time - after all, knitting an entire cardigan in sixteen days is definitely a challenge worthy of the Ravellenic Games! but at the last possible minute, it all came together, and i managed to cast off, sew in all the ends, wash it, & block it - with only 15 minutes to go before the deadline!

raiun 3

i'm really enamored with this little cardi - the ribbing detail at the back is very flattering (although that much rib became more than a little tedious towards the end) & the merino/silk fabric is wonderfully soft & drapey. the only small modification i made was to knit a few rows of ribbing at the centre bottom edge, to stop the edge from rolling.
raiun 2

project specs:
started: 27th july 2012
completed: 12th august 2012
pattern: raiun by kirsten johnstone
needles: 3.75mm
yarn: Old Maiden Aunt merino/silk 4ply in "buttermint", 200 grams/800 yards

raiun 4

now, if someone could just get out of my photoshoot....