Tuesday, July 31, 2012

let the games begin

ravellenic games

even though we're not allowed to call it the Ravelympics anymore, knitters all over the world still cast on en masse at the start of the Olympics opening ceremonies on 27th july, and will attempt to complete an entire project by the end of the closing ceremonies on 12th august. each "competitor" is allowed to choose their own project, but it has to be something that they feel will challenge their skills & abilities. my project is a cardigan in 4ply yarn, which should present a good challenge - to complete an entire cardigan in a fine gauge yarn in just over two weeks (& i only just worked out the time frame as i'm typing this - for some reason i thought i had three weeks!) is going to be - well, interesting.
sunshine through the raiun
raiun by kirsten johnstone, in OMA merino/silk 4ply "buttermint"

since i'm competing for Team Old Maiden Aunt (naturally!), and our only rule is that the project must be all or mostly made from OMA yarns, i'm getting a chance to knit with one of my own yarns for a change, and it's lovely - the merino/silk 4ply base is absolutely lush to work with & i'm really enjoying it. i have made much more progress since the photo was taken - i'm nearly past the raglan, and everything after that will go quite quickly (i hope!). & now that i realise i've only got two weeks, i now understand the outraged responses i was getting the other day when i tweeted about working on non-Ravellenic projects - but i was so close to finishing these!

reyjavik socks
reyjavik socks by cookie a. (june club shipment), in hazel knits artisan sock "high ocTANG!"

and since i'd already finished the other socks from the cookie a. sock club june shipment, i was determined that for the first time this year (three shipments so far!) i would finish both patterns before the next shipment came due. i just made it - the next one should be arriving some time next week!

solfar socks
solfar socks by cookie a. (june club shipment), in madeleine tosh sock "maple leaf"

in other months of the club, i've only managed to finish one of the two club patterns - i have yet to even attempt the wayward socks from january's shipment, and have only made it through one leg on the turbulence socks from april's shipment.

turbulence socks
turbulence socks by cookie a. (april club shipment), in sokkusu original "river styx"

but with only twelve days left to go in the Ravellenic Games (yikes!), i guess i should stop messing about with socks and get going on my cardi....

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Nic said...

The socks look great. I'm not surprised you were tempted to finish them.
Like you I'm crazy enough to think I can make a cardigan too. And like you I messed up the date. I thought I had until the 14th. 17 days for a cardi sounds a lot less insane than 15 (though still pretty insane).