Friday, June 15, 2012


i've never been good at project monogamy - i usually have at least three knitting projects on the needles, and sometimes even more. sometimes, you feel like a little lace; sometimes you need something a bit simpler.  sometimes, you need to commit a big chunk of time working on a complex cabled sweater - and sometimes, you just need straightforward, easy, quickie socks.  i mean, you  can't really expect one project to fulfill all your crafting needs, can you?
well, these past few months have been a seriously long period of enforced project monogamy for me - there just wasn't any other way i was going to finish the Epic Wedding Shawl in time.  miles of cobweb shetland lace on 3.5mm needles wasn't going to magically knit itself, so there was nothing else to do but finish everything else i was messing around with, and focus all my attentions on this one project.  (i did have a little fling with some plain socks on the side, but i don't think that counts - i just needed a little something to take the edge off, & they didn't mean anything.)
but i can now report that the wedding shawl is done.  i cast off on monday night, and felt as though a huge burden had been lifted.  don't get me wrong - i did get a lot out of our time together.  i learned that i can achieve something pretty impressive; that i can actually commit to one project if i need to.  and that i really, REALLY love my friend (the bride).  but now that my period of monogamy is over?

L-R: reykjavik, turbulence, solfar (all Cookie A. club patterns)

i'm going to have a LOT of socks.


Cayt said...

Love that deep blue colour in the middle, it's gorgeous. And the orange is certainly... arresting. I also find it hard to be project monogamous. I'm knitting a shawl to wear to graduation in 12 days time at the moment and I've just wound yarn for a couple of projects for when I finish...

Nic said...

Congrats on finishing the shawl in time. Can't wait until it can go public :)
In the meantime, I like your sock starts