Thursday, June 07, 2012

as a general rule

as a general rule, i don't dye to order.  it's difficult enough trying to get what's in my head out through a dyepot & onto the yarns, let alone trying to take someone else's idea & make a colourway from it.  but lately, something very odd has been happening. 
a couple of months ago, in relation to bigger on the inside from the latest issue of knitty, some members of the Old Maiden Aunt group on Ravelry began musing.  "wouldn't it be great", they mused, "if there was a "tardis" colourway, so we could knit this shawl in Old Maiden Aunt yarn?".
i resisted.  i don''t consider myself a doctor who fan (i liked some of the older seasons, but haven't really been watching it lately).  & besides, as a general rule, i don't dye to order.
but the musings grew louder, and more (politely) persistent - and i found myself looking at all kinds of blues, and trying to track down police call boxes (of which there are only a few left, and only two near-ish me that i know of).  now, as a general rule, i don't dye to order, but i like my customers, and i had a little spare time, and somehow this happened:

merino superwash 4ply in "tardis"

then, a lovely customer with some very particular needs got in touch, about a super-secret project using several different colourways of the merino/cashmere/nylon 4ply (it's all completely mysterious, & very intriguing, and i still don't know what the project is going to be!).  in addition to loads of other, already-dyed colourways, she wanted what she described as an "oatmeal" colourway - a pale neutral that would tie all the other colours together.  now, as a general rule, i don't dye to order, but i had a little spare time, and i didn't already have a colourway like that in my range, and somehow this happened:

merino/cashmere/nylon superwash 4ply in "greige"

so, it would appear that although as a general rule, i don't dye to order, i do occasionally take requests....

(want to make a colourway request of your own?  check out this thread in the Old Maiden Aunt group on Ravelry...)

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Heather said...

ooh - loving the "Greige" Lilith. I hope that one is around to stay. I may need sweater quantities :0)