Friday, June 22, 2012

118335 stitches

wedding shawl 4
i've been working on something top-secret for the past three months, but at last, i can share it.

wedding shawl 2

one of my very best friends got married, and i knitted her a shawl. she knew i was making it, but didn't know which pattern - or just quite what a labour of love it would be.

wedding shawl 3

when i asked her for suggestions as to the style & pattern, she gave me a stack of books, with the book "shetland lace" by gladys amedro in the middle. on the pattern page for this shawl was a note that went something like this: "this is my absolute favourite shawl of all time, and i've always wanted it. but don't knit it, because it's completely insane". when i saw the pattern, i knew exactly what she meant. it wasn't charted, and not only that, it was written in non-standard knitting abbreviations, so it would require a lot of patience to decipher. but how could i not make her the shawl she's always wanted, even if it meant working from pattern notes like this?

wedding shawl notes

and it was definitely worth it - all 118,335 stitches.

wedding shawl 1

project specs: pattern: brora black shawl by gladys amedro
needles: 3.5mm knitpro circular
yarn: jamieson & smith 1ply shetland supreme, 85 grams & 1450 yards
started: 13th march 2012
completed: 12th june 2012


Elizabeth said...

This is stunning! What an amazing gift.

Cayt said...

So beautiful!

Rosesred said...

What a beautiful, beautiful scarf. Really a labour of love, and it shows

Magi said...

Wow - and again wow. That's an heirloom alright!!

seismicknitter said...

the bride will treasure that forever, beautiful!

Emily said...

Awesome shawl, good job!! Your (very lucky) friend must love it!

Judy Smith said...

That shawl is soooooooo beautiful. Congrats to you and to the happy lucky couple.