Thursday, May 31, 2012


oh dear - i haven't been here for a while, have i?  sorry about that.
partly it's because things have been going along mostly as normal - i haven't felt that i've had anything particularly interesting to write about, so i just haven't bothered.  i'm still knitting, dyeing, and training for my fast-approaching event of ridiculosity.
& partly, it's because the few interesting things that i have been working on are things that are currently Top Secret, so i can't write about them yet!  knitting-wise, it's all about the Top Secret wedding shawl.  it's still very much in progress, but is gradually getting bigger, and the rows are gradually getting shorter (i'm down from 860 stitches per round to 540 stitches per round, yay!).  i'm having a tiny panic about it as the bride gleefully announced at our tuesday knit night that in exactly three weeks she'd be on her honeymoon - which means i now only have two weeks from today in which to finish the shawl!  dyeing-wise, i've been working on a few new colourways, which are also Top Secret as i may use them for next year's collection.  in a rare fit of organisation & inspiration, i actually have a theme in mind already, as well as two or three colourways planned for the theme - there's still more experimenting needed, but that's yet another thing that i can't share here!  & as for the training, i'm slowly healing from a bout of tendonitis in my foot, and working my way back up to a reasonable fitness level.  there's nothing Top Secret about that, but it's so boring (even to me, and i'm doing it!) that i just can't make you suffer through blog posts about it.
i do want to get back into the blogging habit, though - so i'll just have to work hard to find interesting things that i'm allowed to talk about, & i hope i'll be back on here with a proper post quite soon!