Wednesday, April 25, 2012

pretty damn lucky

i woke up in the worst mood today - things here have been pretty stressful lately.  our house situation isn't great, and there's no immediate prospect of being able to move out of it.  i have tendonitis in my foot, & haven't been able to run or go to the gym for weeks.  the studio refurb, which should have been simple, just seemed to be dragging on forever.  i didn't sleep well last night, & woke up with a splitting headache.  then i banged my leg off the bath with such force that i gave myself a 6-inch bruise down my shin.  i had to be at the studio early so i could make sure i was in for a courier delivery - and early mornings are, dare i say it, not me at my best.  the dog was being a nuisance, it was threatening to rain, and we ran out of loo roll.
there just wasn't enough coffee in the world to fix this morning.
and then, this happened:

back in the dye room!

and i realised something. no matter what worries i have, what annoyances plague me, or what petty things i decide to focus on - i'm pretty damn lucky, actually.  as soon as i start working, everything else just fades into the background.  sure, i'm still a little stressed - i've been away from the studio for so long, stock is ridiculously low, and i have a ton of work to catch up on.  but still, i get to spend the day doing something i love - and because of all of you, my amazing customers, i even get to earn a living at it.  i get to create lovely things, and pass them on to other crafty folk, who use them to create some amazing & beautiful work (if you don't believe me, check out the OMA group gallery on Ravelry!). so in a way, i'm not just making yarn - i'm making the possibility of something even better.
so, thank you all for supporting me - because of you, i got to spend my afternoon piling up little bundles of possibility, ready to head off to become something fantastic:

one offs

pretty damn lucky.


Anonymous said...

And, to add to that, damn talented to boot!

Nic said...

And look, you made a pile of pretty damn gorgeous.
Hope the week looks up now you've got your studio back.

pennybro said...

OOh I think I spot something gorgeous in there that might be coming to me!! Thanks for cheering us up hope that cheers you up too. As a physio can I suggest swimming instead of running with the tendinitis? It might give you some of those endorphins.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lilith,
just reading this wonderful post. Going through some rough times business wise, but same for me, I can do what I love, most of the times I earn a living from it and for the not so good days there is OLD MAIDEN AUNT Wool. Best stuff ever. Keep going!
Best Birgitta