Friday, April 06, 2012


well, i think that's it - the web shop has now been updated with everything necessary to enable VAT! 
currently, the web shop is displaying the prices before VAT; international customers will pay the price that they see on their screen, while UK/EU customers will have VAT added to their order total at checkout.  my shopping cart software is also being upgraded; after that's finished, it should display the prices with/without VAT automatically based on your location.
a few of the yarn prices have stayed the same, but i've dropped almost all of the yarn prices by as much as i can afford, which will hopefully help soften the blow of that extra 20% tax!  this new pricing structure may not last forever - i'll have to give it a few months & make sure that everything is going to work ok (i really want to give you all a great deal, but i do still need to pay all my bills!).  but i wanted to make the effort to keep everything as affordable as i can for my lovely customers. i really appreciate everyone who has stuck with me for so long, and am happy to see so many new customers as well!  i'm really sad about suddenly having to charge this tax, but unfortunately there just isn't any way around it - i'm just crossing my fingers & hoping that it won't have too much of an effect on your future yarn orders  ;)

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