Monday, February 13, 2012

the young apprentice

last week, i had a work experience student at the studio with me. it was pretty interesting for both of us - a teenage, non-crafty boy & someone who's used to working completely on her own, thrown together for a week of making yarn & running a crafty business!  we covered a lot - taking photos for the shop, updating shop listings, packing orders (he parcelled up ALL the club parcels for me, yay!) & we even did some yarn dyeing.

making dye

(the hoodie stayed in place pretty much all week, earning him the star-wars-inspired nickname of The Young Apprentice!). 
at the end of the week, he even managed to teach the RSA some yarn-dyeing techniques as well.

teaching 1

we both did pretty well - i learned that i'm not an awesome boss (i'm too used to doing everything myself, & really struggled to delegate tasks to someone else!).  & i think he learned some good work-related lessons too:
  • it's important to form a good bond with your work colleagues.
co-worker bonding

  • if your boss asks you to do something (like pose for a silly picture for the company website), you should probably do it.
teaching 2

  • sometimes, work means you have to get your hands dirty.
get your hands dirty

  • but sometimes, it also means you end up with something great.
TYA yarns

& although i was worried that he'd be a little bored (i mean, really - a non-crafty teenager stuck in a yarn studio all week?) by the end of the week it was official - i have the coolest job ever.

the young apprentice


Anonymous said...

Love this post! :) maybe he'll be a knitter too one day
Elaine x

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show .... brave of you to take him on, and open-minded enough of him to do it. A good outcome for you both. Well done.


Nicki said...

Maybe you've inspired a non-crafty teenager and one day he'll take up a craft himself - even if it's not knitting! His yarn colours look great - I just ordered one and the other one I wanted had already sold!

Nic said...

Yes, I wish I had your job too.
Looks like a great week. And beautiful yarn to come out of it.

Anonymous said...

What a great experience, I would love to spend a week in a crafty environment!chat

Emily said...

Love the 'young apprentice' nickname, and what a great experience for you both!