Tuesday, January 03, 2012


the start of a new year is always so exciting - a whole year to fill with new plans, new ideas, new projects, & new challenges.  some people call these "resolutions"; here are a few of mine:

  • knit more socks.  the RSA (resident sock appreciator) hasn't had new socks in a while, and has just worn holes in a few old socks, so clearly more sock knitting is needed.  to help with this plan, i was gifted a membership in the Cookie A. sock club for xmas (yay!!) - a whole year of sock patterns, sock yarns - and cookie recipes too!
  • knit myself some classic, simple cardigans & sweaters that actually FIT.  i've been struggling with this for a while - throughout losing weight, i didn't knit any garments at all, because i didn't know what would fit me when i hit my goal.  and now that i'm more or less where i want to be weight-wise, the image i have of my body shape hasn't caught up with what my body is actually like now, so the couple of garments i've made lately haven't fitted properly at all (sigh).  that means i need to take proper measurements of my shape, and more importantly, actually believe the measurements, even if it looks smaller than i think it should!
  • read more.  i LOVE to read, but it kind of falls by the wayside sometimes.  now that i have a kindle, i have no excuse - i'll have hundreds of books with me everywhere, all the time, and no reason not to read them.
  • start taking cello lessons again.  i started last year, but over the summer i was away, then my tutor was away, then work/life/etc got a bit out of hand, and not only did i stop going to lessons, but i haven't picked up my cello since july.  i will start again, and i will practice!!
  • & last but certainly not least - my biggest goal this year is to become a tough mudder - the scottish event is in july!!  it might seem a little nutty - i definitely have my doubts! - but then, if you'd told me last year that i'd be clocking up 12 miles a week of running time, plus 2-3 gym sessions a week, and actually (shocked whisper) enjoying it - well, i'd have thought that was pretty nutty too.  so who knows?  (just so you know, this is NOT the training program i'll be following.)
so, what are you up to this year?


Nic said...

Ooh, awesome xmas pressie!

Knitting socks and tops are high on my list this year. But to do the latter I have to finally like my seaming enough to finish the three I have up to that stage, let alone start any more. As for the socks, I'm knitting my way through Alice's book, but I want to get both of Cookie's too.

Then there's the quilt top I want to finish, and I'd like to try and read a book a month, get fit and play with dyeing yarn. So... Not that different from your plans :)

roro said...

Happy New Year - love your list!! Are you on Goodreads.com? It's my favourite "book-tracking/rating/see what everyone else is reading" site.

I can barely close the drawers of my yarn stash "dresser", so I'm trying to come up with bigger projects for this year - might try my hand at a shawl or two, along with the usual socks and baby hats for fecund friends. I tried to knit a sweater for my very skinny friend a few years ago but it was so tedious I couldn't handle it. Since I'm about three times his size, I don't see many hand-knit sweaters in my future!