Friday, January 27, 2012

back to basics

if you follow me on twitter, you'll likely already know that january is proving difficult.  behind the scenes, there's been a family thing, as well as the massive home repairs that i've been tweeting about.  the roof of our building has been leaking for over a year, and due to problems with getting all the money together (let's just say that one of the properties in this shared building deserve more bad words than i could ever come up with!) we're only just managing to get it fixed now, at the point where it now involves ripping out & replacing an entire wall & part of the ceiling in the bedroom.  since our household includes a neurotic dog who's scared of men & can't be left on his own if there are workmen about, and a person on the autistic spectrum (me!) who freaks out if things are off-schedule/out of place, it's been awesome.  & after nearly two weeks of stress & exhaustion, the unspeakable happened:  i forgot how to knit.
i couldn't believe it.  i had started a sock for the RSA, but it was the wrong size, so i had to rip it out.  but when it came to starting over, i couldn't figure out what to do.  ok, i thought, it's a mental block - i've just ripped out these socks, and my brain is rebelling at doing all that work over again.  but that's ok - i have other projects on the needles.  i'll just work on them for a while, and restart the socks later. so i opened up another project bag - and nothing happened. i sat looking at the yarn & needles & half-finished cardigan front - i was sure if i just thought about it a little, i could remember what to do.
instead, i burst into tears, and had to be put to bed.
luckily, it was only a temporary blip - after some sleep, and a day off (without work, or anyone climbing about the roof with a hammer, or anything to do but relax), i decided to go back to basics.

back to basics
toe-up stripey socks in OMA merino superwash



doviejay said...

Ugh, I hate having people in my house! Feel better soon!

Nic said...

Sorry to hear it's been such a trying month. It makes me wonder how you managed to get all our yarn dyed up for us.
I hope it all settles down soon so you have your house and peace back.

Cayt said...

That sounds awful. I hope everything gets sorted out and back to normal soon.

fey said...

is like a reboot, no? hope it will all be over soon.
to commiserate-- i had a reboot recently only mine went
1. screaming.
2. mad screaming cobweb cleaning.
3. wine.


Flavaknits said...

Rests are good - I am with your dog, in that I don't like being in same room as workmen and hyperventilate at the thought of work to the house. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better - the socks look lovely. I am onto my second pair and tomorrow my third. Thank You for the lovely pink yarns - hopefully that didn't tip you over the edge ?! Mx

Emily said...

Glad you managed to knit again. Lovely sock!

Socktopus said...

Sounds terrible. Hope Feb is proving a better month for you. Sometimes it's good to just take some downtime to recharge and reboot!