Thursday, December 08, 2011

random catchup

wow, i haven't been here in a REALLY long time.  there's been a lot going on, so here's a quick random catchup:

1.  the november KAL was so much fun!  loads of folk participated, there were a few fun prizes, and at the end, most of us had a lovely new shawl:

karise full

pattern: karise by the fab kariebookish
needles: 3.75mm
yarn: colorimetry lambswool lace, 750yds
modifications: i left out the plain stockinette section & did a few rows of lacey make-it-up-as-you-go at the top of the shawl before working 15 repeats of chart A, 7 repeates of chart B, and 1 repeat of chart C.

2.  there's a december KAL running now, we had so much fun the first time!  this time, the theme is colourwork, and there are four lovely mitt patterns to choose from.  i'm making the "vagabond" mitts, but i haven't got very far on them yet (yarn is my own merino sock yarn in a one-off purple and "grellow").

vagabond mitt cuff

3. i'm running a lot now, covering about 12 miles a week (which is pretty impressive by my usual sit-on-the-couch-and-do-nothing standards!).  & i hate to admit it, but i actually kind of like it.  and even more shamefully, i've actually just gone online & bought running tights (ack!) - i'm still not convinced that the west coast of scotland needs to see my butt in that much detail (seriously, spandex??) but with the winter setting in, it seems like the only way to stay reasonably dry & warm for my 6 mile run home from work. 

4.  yep, i just said 6 miles - and i'm gradually making it even longer.  i'm also doing two short (3 mile) runs during the week, and i'm going to the gym three days a week as well, with a new workout plan i'm calling "The Insane Circuits of Death".  & here's why.  (ok, stop laughing - i'm serious!)

5.  don't worry, i'll be dyeing up a ton of yarn beforehand, just in case i break an arm or something.

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Rosie said...

"Grellow"! Al long last I know how to describe my favourite colour.