Thursday, October 27, 2011

small shawls!!

there seems to be more & more patterns popping up for small, scarf-sized shawls - some of them are truly lovely, and can be made from single skeins of sock yarn (& as most knitters know, sock yarn doesn't count as stash, so somehow, we end up with a lot of single skeins!). so, to encourage the knitting of small shawls (& the using up of single skeins of sock yarn that somehow found their way into our homes even though we're "not buying any more yarn right now"), the Old Maiden Aunt group on Ravelry is hosting a Small Shawl KAL!!!

here are the rules:
  1. the patterns for this KAL are karise, juneberry, and shenandoah valley. all three designers have generously offered a discount on pattern purchases for any KAL participants (yay!!) - check this thread on Ravelry for details. only these shawls will qualify you for the prize draws.
  2. you must cast on your shawl on or after 1st november. please post a “cast on” post in the KAL thread on Ravelry including details of your pattern choice, yarn choice, date started, and a photo if at all possible. swatching before 1st november is ok, but casting on is NOT!!
  3. you must finish your shawl on or before 30th november. please then post a “cast off” post in the KAL thread on Ravelry including details of your pattern choice, yarn choice, date finished, and a photo!!
  4. if you finish your shawl in the given time period, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win something lovely from Old Maiden Aunt. i’ll also be doing a few random prize draws throughout - so even if you’re not sure whether or not you can finish in time, you might still win something if you participate! anyone who uses OMA yarns for their KAL project gets extra chances in any draws :)
  5. if you’re an overachiever, or just a little nutty, and want to knit ALL THREE shawls during the KAL, you’ll be entered into a draw for an extra-special-fabulous bonus prize!!!
the KAL thread on Ravelry will be unlocked on 1st november for you to start posting - so in the meantime, clear your schedules/WIPs, choose your pattern(s), wind up your yarn, and start swatching!!
(& don't forget - there's still time to add your name to the sock club draw list...)

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