Thursday, October 06, 2011

2012 yarn preview club!!!

hurrah - it's club time again!!! the 2012 yarn preview club will run along the same lines/timescale as last year's club:

  1. it will run for three months, with parcels being mailed out mid- january, february, and march 2012.
  2. each parcel will contain two skeins of sock yarn in two different colourways (i’ll be sticking to the superwash merino/blends for this club, but haven't decided on the final yarns yet - i'll be choosing from the 100% superwash merino, superwash merino/bamboo, superwash merino/cashmere/nylon, superwash merino/silk, and superwash merino/nylon/sparkle. i'll only be choosing three types of yarn; you'll receive two skeins of each type in each package (six skeins of yarn total)).
  3. this year, each month's shipment will have one beautiful "extra" - these are being created especially for the club in partnership with three talented crafters (one for each shipment). no patterns will be included in the club shipments.
  4. each of the colourways will be brand-new, never-seen-before-in-the-web-shop, and will not be available for general purchase until april 2012 (after the club is over), at which point they will be available to all customers as the new 2012 colourway collection. the "extras" will not be for sale in my web shop after the club is over (but may be for sale via the crafter who is making them!). because of this, i would politely ask that you not sell on any of the yarn/"extras" during the three months of the club (gifting/trading is totally fine though!).
  5. i haven't fixed the price for the club yet, but will do so in the next few weeks. this is because i'm still deciding which yarns to use, and am still costing the "extras". as a guideline, a single membership in last year's club cost £110 for UK/EU residents & £120 for non-UK/EU residents; a double membership in last year's club (double the yarn, but not double the "extras") cost £190 for UK/EU residents & £210 for non-UK/EU residents. i'll edit this post to add the cost of this years club as soon as i get the final costings added up.
  6. it's entirely likely that it will be a bit more expensive than last year's club! this is simply due to increasing costs (unfortunately, materials & postage costs keep steadily creeping upwards!!). as a rough guide, i usually cost club prices by adding up a slightly discounted retail value of the yarns used, the actual postage costs, & the actual cost of "extras" (that is, the cost to me, and not their retail value). i always try to keep the price as fair as i can, and i hope you can understand why i may need to charge more this year.
  7. the club will again be limited to 50 members - it will be a random draw from everyone who's interested, with no preference given to club members from last year (sorry!).
so, if you’re interested in the yarn club, please send me an email with “2012 preview club” in the subject line, and your name, country, & email contact details in the body of the message. i’ll be taking emails up until 30th november 2011 - if i get more than 50, i’ll randomly draw 50 lucky names; less than 50, & everyone who emailed me will get offered a place in the club. at that point, i’ll send out an email to let you know how to purchase your club membership, and i’ll start dyeing up a storm! please note that sending me an email doesn’t mean you absolutely have to purchase a club membership - if circumstances change & you’re no longer interested that’s ok. you'll then have until mid-december to purchase your membership, so that i can finalise the numbers; the first club parcel will ship out mid-january!!

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