Saturday, August 27, 2011

wool season

it's true, i've been enjoying the summer (although i've been hugely busy in the new studio, dyeing up more yarns than ever before!). but lately, i've been sensing a slow but gradual change. each evening, the dusk is setting in a little earlier. there's a slight chill in the air, and we've had quite a few gray & rainy days over the last wee while.
some folk might find this a bit disheartening - after all, the winters in scotland can be pretty bleak. it's incredibly dark over here in the winter months - in the depth of winter, the sun doesn't rise until about 10am, sets about 3pm, and never really comes out from behind the clouds in between. add in some strong winds (we're by the sea, after all) and a fair amount of driving rain, and you can see why it might get some folk down.
for a knitter, though, the shift in the weather can only mean one thing - wool season is coming. and the cooler it gets, the more my knitting plans grow.
my laar is nearly finished - it needs one cuff, one sleeve, and a buttonband/neckband, and it'll be the perfect light wooly layer for the coming fall breezes.


then, there's this gorgeous rowan felted tweed in "pickle", waiting to be turned into a walnuss cardigan - a slightly heavier knit, ideal for the transition from late fall to early winter.

rowan felted tweed 155

and finally, i've just dyed myself a massive pile of this (the new superwash merino/silk 4ply in "derelict daughter"), with plans for a lush, cozy sweater - i'm thinking of a densely knitted, hip-length fitted tunic with a HUGE (possibly detachable) cowl neck, perfect for keeping snuggly in the depths of the winter months.

derelict daughter merino/silk 4ply

& with all this & more to look forward to, why would i be sad about the end of summer?...