Sunday, July 03, 2011

it's my party


the studio-warming party was great fun yesterday! we were pretty well stocked with fizzy wine (& non-alcoholic fizzy drinks for the unfortunate folk like me who were driving home!) and all manner of homemade cakes & biscuits. loads of people turned up to see the new studio space, eat cake, & knit, including the lovely paula, elaine, kathleen, kerry, gwen, marion, mel, & even the famous ysolda! ;)
alas, it was all too exciting for words, and i didn't remember to take any photos until after almost everyone had left (duh!).

studio party 1

& after spending some time with my studio filled to the brim with so many lovely knitters & friends, i can say that it finally feels like my space. since i moved in, i've been working so hard on Knit Nation prep that my main focus was getting the dye room set up & running, and i hadn't really put much effort into arranging the front studio space. but since i was throwing a party, i thought perhaps i should get it looking a little more welcoming - and after that, & an afternoon full of cake & knitting, it feels much more like home.

studio party 2

thank you so much to all the lovely folk who came along, and for all those farther afield who couldn't make it but who sent me kind wishes!
now, i'm off to make sure all my boxes & bags are packed up & ready to go - i'll see you in london!


Vicki Knitorious said...

Congratulations on the new space! It looks wonderful... would love to come and see for myself again someday. Have a wonderful & successful time at Knit Nation!

Linda B said...

ooooh,.... it looks fantastic ! Well done on all your hard work to get it up and running.
I would love to visit one day, all those gorgeous yarns just begging to be petted, paid for and rehomed !