Wednesday, April 06, 2011

lang-legged beasties

at last - the yarn preview club is over, & i can show off the new colourways to everyone!! this year, the colourway collection was inspired by a traditional scottish prayer...

"fae ghosties & ghoulies
& lang-legged beasties
& things that go bump in the nicht...
guid lord, deliver us”

lang legged beasties mosaic

1. baobhan sith, 2. bean nighe, 3. far darrig, 4. ghillie dhu, 5. leanan sidhe, 6. selkie

all the colourways in this year's collection are themed around scottish myths & legends, and the mythical creatures in them - to read more about the new colourways & the inspiration behind them, please go take a look!! i'm working on adding lots of stock of these colourways to the web shop in all the base yarns - please bear with me while i get them all dyed up!