Tuesday, February 01, 2011


whew - i'm back from cornwall! it was brilliant, lovely, amazing fun.... and completely & utterly exhausting.
when i got up on thursday morning to finish packing, i found a helpful list from the RSA to help me get organised.

what to take to cornwall
(there's no such thing as #5, but she had me going for a second!)

i packed & headed off to cornwall, ready to start the weekend!! i went down the day before the retreat officially started - i'd never been to cornwall before, & wanted to be able to have a little wander around on the friday.

watergate bay beach
(watergate bay beach, from the coastal path above)

after that, i went to meet up with some of the other knitters for dinner (& knitting, of course!).

first night in cornwall!
(slightly grainy iphone photo, sorry!! l-r: anne, me, tricia, cookie, judith)

the next day, we were all ready to start classes - my first class was with anne, learning different lace techniques by working on her marie antoinette socks. all of us had to concentrate pretty hard on our knitting - even anne!!

anne teaching

we were sent off after the class with some "homework" (aka sock knitting) - by the next day, some of us had made it a lot farther than others...

(my sock is pretty teeny compared to some!)

next it was cookie's turn - cables, travelling stitches, and short rows for 3D knitting.

cookie teaching

there was a lot of swatching, to try out some different techniques:

swatch 2
(3D knitting strangenesses!)

swatch 1
(& some cable work)

as well as some helpful interpretive dance demonstrations:

(cookie & alice demonstrate cabling)

the view from the classroom window was a little distracting sometimes:

distracting views

but we managed to get a lot of work done anyways (& make a lot of knitty mess!).

class table

after all the learning, our brains were pretty much mush. & although i would have loved to stay there forever (amazing hotel, beautiful surroundings, great food, & lots of lovely knitters!) i was also pretty happy to get home & get some sleep. but if you want a review of the whole retreat - as alice would say, YAY!!!!!!

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daniele said...

I am so happy that you had such a great time ! And I loved your post since I was able to see your "whole" face ;0)