Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 wishes

happy 2011 everyone!!
i have some high hopes for this year. 2010 was quite difficult, for a number of reasons - it just seemed to be one thing after another, and i've decided that no matter what, this year has got to be better than that.
but even with all the glitches & hiccups, there was something that remained consistently great - and i can only take partial credit for that, i'm afraid. the rest of it is down to my amazing customers, who are just fantastic!!
when i started my business, i never really thought about whether it would be successful. i didn't really go into it with a well-thought-out business plan, and was quite taken aback by the response that my yarns got - and completely blown away by how lovely all my customers were!! work has really kept me going this year - i love going into the studio & mixing up new colourways, knowing that my yarns are going out across the world to be enjoyed by lovely knitters & made into lovely things.
so i just want to say thank you - despite all the obstacles that 2010 gave me, my customers definitely kept me going! so happy 2011 to all of you - i hope that your gauge swatches never lie, your stitches are never dropped, and that you never run out of yarn in the middle of a cast-off!!


Cayt said...

Happy New Year! This was the year that I first used your yarn, and I'm hooked.

Andrea said...

Happy New Year to you, too :0)
I'm busy drooling over your yarns at the moment, trying to talk myself out of treating myself!!
I love your yarns and colourways.