Tuesday, January 18, 2011

getting it together

i've had a fairly slow & muddly start to this year so far - both the RSA & i had flu over the holidays, and although we're both better now, the lack of energy carried over into the new year. but i'm trying to get back on track, and am finally starting to get it together - getting some old things tidied away, and some amazing new things lined up & ready to go.
achievements so far:

  1. january club parcels are heading out to members now - all international & EU ones have already left, and the UK ones will be packed up tomorrow & posted on thursday!! plus, i've already started dyeing the february yarn.
  2. the "fugue" kits should be hitting the web shop within the next week! remember "fugue", the beautiful tam/mitts pattern from the amazing kate davies? after a long year of problems & delays (kate's illness & recovery, plus some problems with yarn sourcing), i'm very excited to finally be releasing these kits - the kits will have a nicely printed little booklet of kate's pattern, plus enough yarn (100% organic corriedale 4ply, in colourways "lon-dubh" & "dreich") to knit both the tam & mitts. i'll be working through a fairly sizeable waiting list to start with, so if you want to purchase a kit, please email me & i'll add your name to the list & let you know when your kit is ready.
  3. in an attempt to get my yarn stash & project queue under control, i've been doing some serious project planning. i have a trunk full of yarn that i'd love to work with, and a queue of patterns that i'm dying to knit - but for some reason, i never quite get around to making the things i really want to. i think a lot of this is down to not planning ahead - i'll find myself suddenly needing a project, and instead of planning, swatching, & thinking it through, i'll end up casting on for another pair of socks (which is fine - knitted socks are always good - but i end up never making some of the things i've thought about for ages!). so the new plan for 2011 is plan ahead - at the moment, i'm working on this:

    wollmeise sweater

    a self-designed (aka "make it up as i go") cabled sweater for the RSA in wollmeise sockenwolle "forster's gluck". worked on 2.5mm needles, it's definitely a labour of love, but since i've been wanting to knit a wollmeise sweater for ages, it had to be at the top of my knitting list. also on the needles (75% finished) is a tangled yoke cardi in my own sock wool, adapted to take the finer gauge into account, to replace my too-big-after-weight-loss old tangled yoke that i miss a lot!
  4. & since the idea is to plan ahead, i already know what i'm casting on next - since both of these are at a serious-cables-requiring-serious-attention stage, i need a simpler project to take with me to the socktopus retreat next week (yay!!). and instead of casting on some travelling socks at the last minute like i normally would, i'm already swatching for this cardi (of course, i'll probably take some socks along as well).

so, despite the year's strange start, i'm feeling pretty good about what's left of january!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 wishes

happy 2011 everyone!!
i have some high hopes for this year. 2010 was quite difficult, for a number of reasons - it just seemed to be one thing after another, and i've decided that no matter what, this year has got to be better than that.
but even with all the glitches & hiccups, there was something that remained consistently great - and i can only take partial credit for that, i'm afraid. the rest of it is down to my amazing customers, who are just fantastic!!
when i started my business, i never really thought about whether it would be successful. i didn't really go into it with a well-thought-out business plan, and was quite taken aback by the response that my yarns got - and completely blown away by how lovely all my customers were!! work has really kept me going this year - i love going into the studio & mixing up new colourways, knowing that my yarns are going out across the world to be enjoyed by lovely knitters & made into lovely things.
so i just want to say thank you - despite all the obstacles that 2010 gave me, my customers definitely kept me going! so happy 2011 to all of you - i hope that your gauge swatches never lie, your stitches are never dropped, and that you never run out of yarn in the middle of a cast-off!!