Thursday, November 25, 2010


i'm starting to wonder if this just isn't my year. it's not that anything immense has happened - nothing hugely traumatic or upsetting, just a series of small annoyances. the tone of the year was set right from the start, when the RSA went off to india for work, & i was left on my own for weeks on end. just when i was starting to settle back into things, there was the triple-whammy of Knit Nation (brilliant but exhausting), Knit Camp (oh, the drama), & the pup-surgery one after the other, followed almost immediately by the yarn-shortage disaster. and then, just as i thought things were finally getting back to normal, the universe decided that i needed another little smackdown:


yep, that's right - i've managed to pull one of the tendons in my ankle. i've got some painkillers, some prescription anti-inflammatories, and an elastic bandage, as well as strict instructions to rest "as much as possible". i'll admit that i haven't been managing too well with that last one so far - i spent the day in the studio today, and it turns out that yarn-dyeing requires a surprising amount of walking about (& i'm paying for it now, alas). so despite my best efforts, i may have to take a little time off, which means the studio might not be open for visits (email me before you come, just in case!) - it's pretty chilly in there, which is fine if you're moving about dyeing vats of yarn, but not brilliant if you're having to sit about & do nothing!!
so, what with everything, i've been feeling a little bummed out this week. but there are still things that are cheering me up:

wollmeise 80/20 twin in "red hot chilli"

i got these in a ravelry swap (& yes, they really are that bright!). i'm planning some winter-banishing over-the-knee socks like these (scroll down to the second picture). that's an awful lot of sock-knitting - but it looks like i'll have some extra time on my hands for the next few days at least...


soCherry said...

thank goodness its a foot and not a hand (from the girl who broke her wrist in snow in dec)
Rest up and happy knitting!

E x

moi said...

Feel better. Hopefully you'll do some r & r over this freezing cold weekend. xj

Flavaknits said...

Poor You! Hope it is better soon , take the rest while you can. Got Angie to pop in my mini socks for your display, hope you like them. Mx

Anonymous said...

Can't resist the urge to top your news - last Tuesday morning(23rd), I fell and broke my leg! Both tib and fib, in 4 places!
Anybody got more?
Seriously, Get better soon!