Thursday, November 25, 2010


i'm starting to wonder if this just isn't my year. it's not that anything immense has happened - nothing hugely traumatic or upsetting, just a series of small annoyances. the tone of the year was set right from the start, when the RSA went off to india for work, & i was left on my own for weeks on end. just when i was starting to settle back into things, there was the triple-whammy of Knit Nation (brilliant but exhausting), Knit Camp (oh, the drama), & the pup-surgery one after the other, followed almost immediately by the yarn-shortage disaster. and then, just as i thought things were finally getting back to normal, the universe decided that i needed another little smackdown:


yep, that's right - i've managed to pull one of the tendons in my ankle. i've got some painkillers, some prescription anti-inflammatories, and an elastic bandage, as well as strict instructions to rest "as much as possible". i'll admit that i haven't been managing too well with that last one so far - i spent the day in the studio today, and it turns out that yarn-dyeing requires a surprising amount of walking about (& i'm paying for it now, alas). so despite my best efforts, i may have to take a little time off, which means the studio might not be open for visits (email me before you come, just in case!) - it's pretty chilly in there, which is fine if you're moving about dyeing vats of yarn, but not brilliant if you're having to sit about & do nothing!!
so, what with everything, i've been feeling a little bummed out this week. but there are still things that are cheering me up:

wollmeise 80/20 twin in "red hot chilli"

i got these in a ravelry swap (& yes, they really are that bright!). i'm planning some winter-banishing over-the-knee socks like these (scroll down to the second picture). that's an awful lot of sock-knitting - but it looks like i'll have some extra time on my hands for the next few days at least...

Friday, November 05, 2010

2011 colourways preview club!!!

at last, i've managed to get my act together, and spend some time planning the 2011 yarn preview club!! i'm so sorry that it's so late this year - i had really hoped to run it along the same timeline as last year, but several events conspired to delay things somewhat, and before i knew it, i was running out of time. but although i'm not on the time schedule that i'd originally planned, it's all coming together nicely, and i'm now ready to tell you all the details!! this year, the club will run along similar lines as last year's club:

  1. it will run for three months, with parcels being mailed out mid- january, february, and march 2011.
  2. each parcel will contain two skeins of sock yarn in two different colourways (i’ll be sticking to the superwash merino/blends for this club, so by the end of the three months you will have received two skeins each of 100% superwash merino, superwash merino/bamboo, and superwash merino/cashmere/nylon, with six different colourways in total).
  3. this year, each month's shipment will have one beautiful "extra", designed especially for the club in partnership with a very talented scottish artist, plus an "extra extra" in the last shipment. no patterns will be included in the club shipments.
  4. each of the colourways will be brand-new, never-seen-before-in-the-web-shop, and will not be available for general purchase until april 2011 (after the club is over), at which point they will be available to all customers as the new 2011 colourway collection. the "extras" are also brand-new items that will only be for sale in the web shop after the club is over, with the exception of the final "extra extra", which will only be produced for club members & won't be available for sale. because of this, i would politely ask that you not sell on any of the yarn/"extras" during the three months of the club (gifting/trading is totally fine though!).
  5. a single membership in the club will cost £110 for UK/EU residents, and £120 for non-UK/EU residents. this gets you six skeins of sock yarn (one skein each of six new colourways), plus four very cool "extras" (one in each shipment, plus a final club-exclusive item in the last shipment).
  6. a double membership in the club will cost £190 for UK/EU residents, and £210 for non-UK/EU residents. this gets you twelve skeins of sock yarn (two skeins each of siz new colourways), plus four very cool extras (one in each shipment, plus a final club-exclusive item in the last shipment). double memberships get double the yarn, but not double the "extras".
  7. yes, this is a bit more expensive than last year's club! this is partly because everything is costing me more this year (materials & postage costs have all gone up a fair bit since last year, alas!), and partly because the "extras" this year are bigger, higher quality items & are therefore costing me more to produce. i'm still trying to keep the price as fair as i can, and i hope you can understand why i need to charge more this year.
  8. the club will again be limited to 50 members - it will be a random draw from everyone who's interested, with no preference given to club members from last year (sorry!).

so, if you’re interested in the yarn club, please send me an email with “2011 preview club” in the subject line, and your name, country, & email contact details in the body of the message. i’ll be taking emails up until 1st december 2010 - if i get more than 50, i’ll ramdomly draw 50 lucky names; less than 50, & everyone who emailed me will get offered a place in the club. at that point, i’ll send out an email to let you know how to purchase your club membership, and i’ll start dyeing up a storm! please note that sending me an email doesn’t mean you absolutely have to purchase a club membership - if circumstances change & you’re no longer interested that’s ok. you'll then have until mid-december to purchase your membership, so that i can finalise the numbers; the first club parcel will ship out mid-january!!
last year was my first-ever yarn club, and it was so much fun - i'm really looking forward to doing it all again!!!