Friday, October 22, 2010

not very sensible

well, it seems official - winter is nearly here. the wind has shifted, there's a serious chill in the air, & it's finally time to start layering on the wooly knits. with that in mind, am i being sensible & spending my knitting time finishing up the various projects i have underway (a sweater, a pair of socks, a new winter hat, and a shawl, to be precise)?
i am not.
instead, i'm completely addicted to knitting these...

mini socks!
mini socks!!

& before you start thinking "well, they're wooly socks, what's wrong with that?", i should show you a picture with some sense of scale...

mini sock
they're teeny tiny!!

the pattern is free here - they're meant to be christmas decorations, but i'm planning to use them to decorate the big front window of my studio (it's looking a bit bare & bleak, and needs some added colour before the winter days get too gray).
& not only that, i've already started to spread my new addiction - i've asked the Old Maiden Aunt group on Ravelry to knit some tiny socks out of their leftover OMA yarns & send them in to be hung up in the window. & if you'd like to join in, please do - the more teeny tiny socks, the better!! just post your finished socks in to the studio address - make sure you include a note of your ravelry name and/or email contact details, and in exchange i'll send you a discount code for the web shop. i'm also going to be doing a few random prize draws for tiny sock knitters, to add to the fun.
now, i'd better get sensible, & spend some time knitting my real winter clothes, before the cold really sets in...

Friday, October 15, 2010

a good offense

it's true - the best defense is a good offense. and the first line of defense against the rapidly encroaching winter weather? woolly socks, of course.


project specs:
started: 25th august 2010
completed: 14th october 2010
pattern: pomatomus by cookie a., from knitty
needles: 2.25mm
yarn: wollmeise 80/20 twin in indisch rot WD

there's nothing better than a brand new pair of woolly socks just as the weather starts to turn, in such a warm, glowing colourway. maybe winter isn't so bad after all...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

lazy hazy

there's been a definite chill in the air the past couple of days - it seems that with each passing moment, the scottish winter is slowly drawing ever closer. & today, one of the first signs of the approaching winter appeared - the haar.

the haar
view from my window - sea obscured by fog

but sometimes, it's quite nice to have a gentle haze over everything - especially on a day like today, when there was nowhere i needed to be. it's a day to fire up the heating, light some candles, & snuggle up on the couch with a cozy blanket, a big mug of good coffee, a new knitting project (fiona on the fly hat by a black pepper, which will be essential for the upcoming winter weather!)....

lazy day

& a laziness supervisor, who knows everything there is to know about being snuggly.
it's back to work tomorrow, but for now, i'm enjoying my lazy, hazy day.