Wednesday, September 22, 2010

yarn apocalypse

something awful has happened. my utterly wonderful & reliable yarn supplier has had a huge warehouse fire, which has completely destroyed nearly 3 tonnes of undyed base yarn (& that's a LOT of yarn!) - the fire was so devastating that, in his words, "it's as though all that yarn never even existed in the first place". luckily, nobody was hurt in the fire, but his stock has been totally wiped out - and, as an inevitable knock-on effect, my stock levels (& those of a lot of other UK dyers, i'll bet) will suffer as well.
i do still have a reasonable amount of undyed yarn in the studio to work with for the time being, but obviously i'll be limited to what i already have in stock for the next little while - it will probably take him a couple of months to be fully back up & running, & sending out undyed yarn to all his customers again. i'm quite low on the sock yarn bases, so there won't be much of those being added to the shop over the next little while, but i still have lots of lace & sportweight, as well as a few kilos of a new lush 4ply blend which i hope to start adding to the shop soon.
i'm keeping my fingers crossed for him, that the recovery from this doesn't take too long - and (quite selfishly) that i'll be able to get my dyeing hands on some more sock yarn soon!! since a lot of us UK-based dyers use the same supplier, it feels a bit like the end of the yarny world here in the UK - here's hoping that we all get back to doing what we love quite soon.


Liz said...

What a nightmare - I hope no-one was hurt and that your supplier is covered by his insurance.

danièle said...

Aaaarrgghhhhh ! Guess that it is time to go stash-diving... And it is definitely something to say in favour of building up a stash. Hope indeed that your supplier has got a good insurance.

Anonymous said...

that's horrible. all that lovely yarn!
i'll will place a huge order once you're back in stock ;)
ps: do you also sell undyed skeins? cause it's great for colourwork....