Tuesday, September 14, 2010

must be the season

it's official - the weather is starting to turn. we've had a few days in a row now of some fairly typical scottish autumn weather - rainy & blowy, with a definite chill in the air. some people might be upset at the passing of the summer - they miss the heat, the sunshine, the bright days & warm nights. but in the autumn, a knitter's fancy turns to thoughts of wooly jumpers, cozy socks, & soft shawls.
& although i'm excited about the change of weather, and am looking forward to a long winter of snuggly knits, i'm having a bit of a knitting dilemna. there are loads of things that i want to knit, but i'm struggling with which projects to choose. a lot of the knits in my queue are fine-gauge, fitted cardigans - since i'm still a work in progress weight-wise (nearly there, but not quite!), it's hard to know what to pick. i don't want to knit anything fitted until i know for sure what my final size/shape will be - i'm already having to give away a lot of older projects, knits that i spent a lot of time & nice yarn on, because they just don't fit anymore. so i'm limited to socks & shawls for the most part, with the occasional garment thrown in - anything that is designed to fit loosely without closing (my recently-finished-except-for-sewing-up minimalist cardigan), for example, or styles like the recently-cast-on buttercup (fitted around the shoulders/yoke, which is a body part that probably won't change all that much regardless of weight loss).
but regardless of my problems with choosing knitting patterns to work on, i don't seem to be having any problems with my yarn choices...

autumn knitting
top to bottom - shawl, sweater, socks

there's a distinct colour theme going on here - it must just be the season.

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Karoliina said...

Those colours are just lovely!