Wednesday, September 22, 2010

yarn apocalypse

something awful has happened. my utterly wonderful & reliable yarn supplier has had a huge warehouse fire, which has completely destroyed nearly 3 tonnes of undyed base yarn (& that's a LOT of yarn!) - the fire was so devastating that, in his words, "it's as though all that yarn never even existed in the first place". luckily, nobody was hurt in the fire, but his stock has been totally wiped out - and, as an inevitable knock-on effect, my stock levels (& those of a lot of other UK dyers, i'll bet) will suffer as well.
i do still have a reasonable amount of undyed yarn in the studio to work with for the time being, but obviously i'll be limited to what i already have in stock for the next little while - it will probably take him a couple of months to be fully back up & running, & sending out undyed yarn to all his customers again. i'm quite low on the sock yarn bases, so there won't be much of those being added to the shop over the next little while, but i still have lots of lace & sportweight, as well as a few kilos of a new lush 4ply blend which i hope to start adding to the shop soon.
i'm keeping my fingers crossed for him, that the recovery from this doesn't take too long - and (quite selfishly) that i'll be able to get my dyeing hands on some more sock yarn soon!! since a lot of us UK-based dyers use the same supplier, it feels a bit like the end of the yarny world here in the UK - here's hoping that we all get back to doing what we love quite soon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

fancy a dip?

this may just be the cutest thing ever...

doggy hydrotherapy!!!

doggy hydrotherapy!! (sorry about the photo quality - it's a little blurry, he was swimming so fast!).
after the initial "what the heck is this?!?" reaction (understandable - even for a laid-back, adaptable pooch, this was a little weird) he absolutely loved it (the squeaky chicken toy may have been key). & until you've seen a dog wagging his tail underwater, you haven't seen true happiness.
he's now completely wiped out, & happier than i've seen him in ages - he was getting a little bummed out over the lack of exercise & excitement in his life, what with all the post-surgical restrictions. he's still in recovery, and won't be completely back to normal for a good few weeks yet, with no long walks or off-the-lead playing until probably the end of october! but swimming is great - all the exercise with none of the joint stress (plus, squeaky chickens!!).
lucky for us (& the pooch!) our insurance will cover a fair few sessions, so we'll be doing this twice a week for the next few weeks. & the bonus of this for me (in addition to the extremely happy puppy) is that it will hopefully tire him out enough to be left on his own for longer periods, so i can finally get back on a better work schedule.
after so long away from my normal working days, though, it may take more than a squeaky chicken to motivate me...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

must be the season

it's official - the weather is starting to turn. we've had a few days in a row now of some fairly typical scottish autumn weather - rainy & blowy, with a definite chill in the air. some people might be upset at the passing of the summer - they miss the heat, the sunshine, the bright days & warm nights. but in the autumn, a knitter's fancy turns to thoughts of wooly jumpers, cozy socks, & soft shawls.
& although i'm excited about the change of weather, and am looking forward to a long winter of snuggly knits, i'm having a bit of a knitting dilemna. there are loads of things that i want to knit, but i'm struggling with which projects to choose. a lot of the knits in my queue are fine-gauge, fitted cardigans - since i'm still a work in progress weight-wise (nearly there, but not quite!), it's hard to know what to pick. i don't want to knit anything fitted until i know for sure what my final size/shape will be - i'm already having to give away a lot of older projects, knits that i spent a lot of time & nice yarn on, because they just don't fit anymore. so i'm limited to socks & shawls for the most part, with the occasional garment thrown in - anything that is designed to fit loosely without closing (my recently-finished-except-for-sewing-up minimalist cardigan), for example, or styles like the recently-cast-on buttercup (fitted around the shoulders/yoke, which is a body part that probably won't change all that much regardless of weight loss).
but regardless of my problems with choosing knitting patterns to work on, i don't seem to be having any problems with my yarn choices...

autumn knitting
top to bottom - shawl, sweater, socks

there's a distinct colour theme going on here - it must just be the season.