Wednesday, August 04, 2010

knit nation

i'm finally back home after knit nation!!! i'm still organising things in the web shop as i gradually unpack the tiny amount of yarn left over, and re-dye a lot of yarn in preparation for next week's knit camp - but in the meantime, here's a little recap...
i managed to get my boxes & boxes of stuff packed up & shipped down safely, and followed them down on the train. after a couple of hours of building up & arranging (& rearranging) of what suddenly seemed like a ridiculously huge amount of yarn, the booth was ready!

knit nation booth

everyone at the booth was very hard at work all weekend long.

hard at work

& it's just as well - look what happened when the marketplace opened!! (this was actually taken by the RSA, who went away to get me some food, and couldn't get back into the booth for about half an hour!)

frenzy at the booth

it was a bit of a buying frenzy (but a very polite one!) - this was more or less the view of the booth all weekend long. & it was absolutely brilliant - not only did i manage to sell a ton of yarn (i shipped home about a quarter of what i sent down, & although it seemed at first as though i'd brought too much, it disappeared fairly quickly!), i got to meet so many of my online friends & customers in "real life" at last. & although it was utterly exhausting, the whole experience was just so much fun. everyone was having a great time - even the RSA, despite being a non-knitter, was completely won over by the fantastic atmosphere (turning to me in wonder at one point & exclaiming "everybody's just so HAPPY!!!").
& it just got better & better - after the marketplace closed on its final day, the vendors did what must have been the quickest breakdown in history (so quick, in fact, that i completely forgot to take an "after" picture of the booth & its decimated stock!) so that we could all run over to the ravelry party, where we met even more lovely people (& had a few well-deserved drinks!) - and i even won one of the door prizes, a beautiful project bag from ysolda, with a "damson" kit (printed bag, pattern & a skein of malabrigo sock in "ravelry red") inside.

ysolda prize

all in all, the weekend was fantastic - i really really REALLY hope they do it again next year!!!

(i did also manage to sneak away from my own booth to go visit another vendor's booth - i'll post about that separately though!!)


Paula said...

Your booth looks fantastic! Well done!

Kathleen said...

I just want to DIVE RIGHT IN to that first photo! It looks so beautiful it could bring a tear to the eye! x K

Flavaknits said...

Your booth looks beautiful - what a fabulous sight! Mx

ewenique said...
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ewenique said...

'twas nice chatting with you at knit nation even if i was shy and awkward. sorry ;-)