Wednesday, August 18, 2010

knit camp

phew - i'm back from Knit Camp!
if you've been online at all in the past wee while, i'm sure you've already heard all about the various problems with this event. since i was only booked in as a vendor in the marketplace, i managed to avoid most of the glitches (although the overall organisation did leave a bit to be desired, it only affected my experience slightly, and i think i was pretty lucky compared to some of the folk who were booked in for the whole week of classes etc.).
because some of the other vendors had pulled out, i ended up with a giant double-width booth space to fill. as a sole dyer, i've only ever booked single-width booths at market events, because i'm always a little worried about being able to produce enough yarn to fill anything bigger - especially after having my stock decimated by the horde of locusts ahem lovely knitters at Knit Nation (i had to have a few days of furiously dyeing sock yarn, just so i had something to take with me to stirling)!!!
i think it worked out ok in the end, though...

knit camp booth

the room that my booth was in was huge & airy with lots of windows, which made all the yarn colours look great. & i learned a lesson from my Knit Nation setup - this time, i pushed the tables to the back of the booth space, so that i could sit out front instead of being trapped behind my stock all weekend. the marketplace wasn't nearly as mad as the one at Knit Nation - the flow of traffic was pretty steady, but i wasn't rushed off my feet, and even managed to spend some time knitting (as well as take a little break now & then to do some shopping of my own!). i was rather unfortunately placed, though, as i was right across from the Jamieson & Smith booth - i say "unfortunate", because the marketplace hadn't even officially opened yet before i started spending money (a whole pack of gorgeous shetland laceweight, enough for a beautiful lightweight sweater - it was the last batch of a discontinued colourway, so really, i had to buy it). i also got a couple of skeins of laceweight from a couple of other UK-based dyers - i'll have to do another blog post later with all my booty from the summer of yarn shows!
i got to meet lots of lovely customers in person at last - it was so nice to finally meet some of the people who have been supporting me for so long, some of them since the very beginning! alas, i didn't have time to take any pictures myself (but i think you can find me on some other blogs here & there!).
all in all, it turned into a pretty good weekend - although i definitely wouldn't recommend the beds in the student halls! i got to knit, hang out with friends, have some of the best fish & chips i've ever had (the chippie in bridge of allan, yum!) and sold lots of yarn (i may even be able to pay off the balance on my credit card at last!). now i just need to get everything unpacked, and back up in the web shop....

...maybe i'll just have a little nap first.


Karie B. said...

You never showed me that laceweight!

Liz said...

It was great to see you at the Knit Camp marketplace. I'm really looking forward to spinning the bfl/tussah silk blend I bought from you.

Cayt said...

I've already cast on the shawl in the derelict daughter I bought from you at knit camp, and it's just gorgeous. Your yarn has made me the kind of annoying knitter who shoves her work under non-knitter's noses, saying 'look at that! isn't the yarn gorgeous!'

Karoliina said...

I would love to see what you got, so I can live vicariously through people who did get to go.

Flavaknits said...

Thank you for lending your stock to Once a Sheep in Gourock . A load of crafty Cruisers made a slight indent and some locals lent a hand too! lol Glad you had a good experience at Knit Camp. Mx

ewenique said...


I've two questions for you.

1. Will you be at the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate later this year?

2. Do you have (or will you consider having) an OMA schedule somewhere on your website? Some sort of, "this year you can find me here, here, here and here" sort of thing. or is it already somewhere glaringly obvious that i've managed to miss?

so maybe that were 3 questions.

3. is there a way to sign up for notifications of yarn updates? (i'm interested in kelpie in superwash sock yarns)