Friday, March 12, 2010

still here

sorry about the long silence - i'm still here, & things are good! the RSA got back safe & sound a few days ago & i've been adjusting to having someone else in the house again (turns out that eight weeks is just about long enough to get so used to being on your own that it's slightly odd to suddenly have someone else around).
it's starting to feel like the long winter is over at last - the days have been really sunny, and it looks like spring might finally be peeking through.

photo 44
first crocuses!

& i've been knitting something designed to chase away the last lingering remnants of the winter grays.

sam socks
"sam" socks by cookie a. in wollmeise "sonne"

apart from that, i'm just trying to get back to normal - being on my own was a pretty big adjustment, and it seems that not being on my own is going to be an adjustment as well! hopefully it won't take too long, and i'll have more brainpower for blog posting soon.

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Karen said...

Glad to know you have company again. Love that orange yarn!!!!