Sunday, March 21, 2010


frankengreen cardi 1

project specs:
started (2nd time): 1st february 2010
completed: 20th march 2010
needles: 5mm addi circular
yarn: superwash merino aran from fyberspates, 600grams
pattern: a monster-mish-mash of ideas from various sources, mainly my january cardigan and my adeline coat.
this was originally knitted up into almost a full cardigan, before i decided to rip out the whole thing & redo it into something completely different - & i'm really glad i did! i'm quite pleased with how this has turned out, especially as i pretty much winged the whole thing (especially the mini-shawl collar!).

frankengreen cardi 3

hopefully i'll have more great projects to show off soon - i've found a gorgeous yarn/button combo for my next cardi, and now that i've cleared one big project from the needles, i'm excited to get started on the next one straightaway!

photo 52


Lucette said...

very very nice!
I like the shawl collar and the green is such a great colour.

danièle said...

Good job ! And I really like the collar. Lovely pin also ;0)
Love the buttons for the next project.

ruthcrafts said...

lovely shape, and I like the border pattern :)