Monday, March 29, 2010


some awesome things:
1) the twisted ribbing on "audrey" is done!! now i can move on to the next exciting part... oh, wait - it's stockinette. still, the yarn (if i do say so myself) is awesome.

photo 55
(old maiden aunt alpaca/silk sport)

2) i just found out that the cat empire is coming back to the UK in the fall. we went to see them almost by accident the day that i flew back from canada - i was completely exhausted & jet-lagged, but somehow ended up dancing through the whole show, that's how awesome they are.
3) my customers. not only are they fantastically understanding & forgiving (i've had a few glitches with overselling in the web shop, and so far, the few folk that it's happened to have been very cool about the inevitable delay that this will cause to their orders), but sometimes they send me amazing stuff! look what i got from the blogless - but awesome - daniele in france. my customers are made of awesome.

tiny rocking chair charm
teeny tiny rocking chair charm!

4) it's finally spring! (at least it has been for the past couple of days - let's see if it sticks.) the sun is shining but it's not too hot yet, and everything is turning green & lovely. spring in scotland is awesome.
5) i've been doing the weightwatchers thing for three weeks - and have already lost half a stone!! (that's 7lbs, but half a stone sounds much more impressive, doesn't it?) & despite the fact that none of my clothes fit properly anymore - i've got a pile of clothes from my (slightly) thinner days that are still a bit too small, and all my "fat" clothes are now too big - i'm pretty excited. i've changed a lot of things about the way i eat, but it hasn't seemed like too much of a struggle (except for a little - well, ok, fairly major - sugar withdrawal in the first week, but we don't talk about that). i'm don't feel like i'm starving all the time, and i already feel a lot healthier - i even went to a step class last week, and since i didn't die, i'm going back again this week, and probably next week too (crazy, eh?). so i think it's safe to say - i'm awesome.


Ciorstaidh said...

Oh, what a gorgeous charm!

Dropping by to say hi, and also that I LOVE your project bags. And your colourways - especially their names, terrific. In fact, when pay day comes later this week, I'm having a spree because I have loads of thank-you's to make (and indeed why not).

My Grandad would be laughing like a drain at your project bags. You see, he started at A&S Henry in 1926, his career took him out to Calcutta as a wallah and he always said jute would make a comeback! There's a lot of jute storage bags in my parents' places already, so these bags are real keepers. Superb stuff.

BTW I came across you courtesy of Ravelry, but now remember being shown your page by a friend some time last autumn. As it was on her iPhone I'd forgotten the address by the time I got home - so glad I found you again!


Anonymous said...

You always were xo

Becca said...

I can't tell you how pleased I am to have found your website/blog (via Brooklyn Tweed btw)

It was so great to find this place built by someone whose skills I admire, who loves awesome music, and makes beautiful things.

I'm a knitter living in Glasgow and "one day" I will learn to dye and spin as well. You may hear from me for a workshop when I'm lucky enough to be employed again.

Great site, beautiful yarn, I'll be back :)

danièle said...

Awesome things happen to awesome people.
And you are definitely awesome.

xoxoxo :0)

ps : i admire you greatly for the weight watchers thing.

pps : the verification word is "crizes", i like that

Flavaknits said...

Well Done ! 7lbs = major achievement.
And that yarn IS awesome , can't wait to see it all finished.
I am loving my alpaca/silk in the Rosewood, its going to be an Ishbel for my sister if I can part with it! lol