Thursday, February 25, 2010

seven reasons

seven reasons why today was better than yesterday:

  1. the snow is gone - it turned to rain overnight, so everything's been washed away. it's been gray & rainy, but the wind is a lot calmer, so i'm no longer getting a face full of snow every time i walk out the door.
  2. welly boots plus woolly socks is a great combination (i even splashed through some giant puddles in the park, just because i could).
  3. i planned ahead, and brought spare clothes to work today, so i had something dry to change into after the rainy, puddly dog-walk in the park.
  4. we're now officially in single digits in the RSA-comes-back-from-india countdown - 9 days left!!!
  5. i had to get to the studio early for a courier pickup - i didn't love the early start, but i got lots of work done this morning, and even had time for some coffee & a cake.
  6. the courier pickup was a big box of yarn that was heading off to Loop London - who have started stocking some of my yarn!! (i'm super-excited about this as i always thought that Loop was a pretty swanky place, so i guess that means i'm swanky now too!)
  7. i finished my knitting olympics project, well ahead of schedule! (i'll take pictures tomorrow when there's better light.) i was completely convinced that i was going to run out of yarn, so much so that i'd dyed up a skein of my own merino/cashmere/nylon (a base that's almost identical to the handmaiden yarn i was using for the socks) in a colourway that i tried to match to the project yarn, in case i needed it - but i managed to finish the second sock with less than a metre of yarn left (which is just as well, since my dye-matching job wasn't too great).

maybe the week is picking up...


Anonymous said...

"I wonder what Piglet is doing," thought Pooh.
"I wish I were there to be doing it, too."
i can't wait to come home and splash in the puddles with you & the pup xoxoxox RSA

danièle said...

Does this mean that all your fans are swanky too ? Just wondering, that would be a big new thing for me ;0)

I am so happy that you were well in your warm and comfy socks and in your wellies : it does make a difference, doesn't it ?

And congratulations for your socks, they are gorgeous. And I think as well that Cookie A. great patterns deserve some great yarn.

As for my own Olympics project, Anne Hanson's Palimpsest in your Rose rose red lace yarn I bought some time ago, well, all I could say is that the yarn is as gorgeous as I remember form the Aeolian, the pattern is as interesting as I hoped for when I started, and... progress is slow but steady... When did you say the Olympics will finish ? ;0)