Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i give up

we're in the middle of a completely ridiculous snow-blizzard here, so i've decided that's it for the day - i give up. the problem is not so much the snowiness (it's very wet snow, so it's not really "sticking", and the road surfaces are mainly clear) as the blowiness. the wind is so strong that the snow is "falling" more or less horizontally. & if you have to go out walking in it (which, if you have a dog, is pretty much a given) you instantly resemble some kind of human/yeti hybrid, as whichever side of you is facing the wind becomes immediately plastered with thick, soggy snow-globs. as for driving, the wind is also performing frequent, random gusts of multi-directional wildness, so you have to go considerably slower than normal, lest the road ahead of you suddenly disappear in a mad swirl of giant fat snowflakes.
by the time i got to the studio, i was fairly well drenched, & had to spend most of the afternoon wearing wet trousers; today was also the day that my nearly-brand-new snowboots (purchased during the last freak snowstorm a couple of months ago) decided they would spring a leak, so i also spent most of the afternoon in wet socks. despair.
so, what with everything, i've decided it's time to give up on the day. i closed up the studio a little bit early (i thought it was probably safe to say that nobody was coming in to see me today), and made a detour to tesco's on the way home, where i found something to cheer me up:

happy feet

wellies with butterflies on them, yay! hint - always check the kid's section. the largest kid's size is a UK 6, which is exactly the same as a UK women's 6, but their stuff is always way more fun. plus, if (like me) you suffer from disproportionately large calves, kids' boots tend to be shorter in the leg, which avoids the calf-size issue altogether. so until i get my proper winter boots replaced (they'll be going back to the store as soon as i can get up there - i'm really not happy that a so-called pair of serious walking boots only lasted 2 months!), at least i'll have happy, dry feet!


danièle said...

But you'll need extra warm socks since the wellies, surely water-proof, are not cold-insulating ! Reason enough to knit some more socks !

fey said...

Love the boots! LOVE the BOOTS!

RooKnits said...

Hope the snow has stopped. Absolutely love the wellies!