Tuesday, February 09, 2010

cheering my tuesday

look what arrived in the middle of my day-off drudgery (i'm not in the studio on tuesdays, which means i have to clean the house, boo!)...

un-valentine flowers

some "un-valentine" flowers from the RSA (who's still in india until the beginning of next month - but yay for online florist deliveries!). there were so many of them that they wouldn't fit in my one & only teeny, tiny vase, so i had to go get something to put them in (all i could find was a big glass pitcher, but i think it works!). while i was out, i may have accidentally stumbled into a sale of cheap dvds, and bought these three bad movies (whoops). so once i finished all my house-cleaning, i got back into my pjs, and have been alternating between watching dvds & gazing at my lovely flowers.
i also managed to finish these, so i've been wearing them as well (i love the colourway name, it makes me laugh every time i see them...

crabby mchappysocks
plain toe-up socks in socks that rock lightweight, colourway "crabby mchappypants"

and, i've finally started the shawl that i've been dying to start since i bought the yarn for it in paris this summer...

agatha shawl
agatha shawl, 4ply alpaca from la droguerie

so all in all, my tuesday has been well & truly cheered - how about you?


Trekky said...

Yeah for cheesy 80's films. Perfect for watching in PJs.

Crabby McHappypants is possibly the greatest colourway I've ever heard & the socks look great too!

danièle said...

Gorgeous socks ! Reminds me of clown fish, or is it just my screen ?
Actually, I have a little something to send you. Must go to the post office today (teasing,teasing) ;0)

Flavaknits said...

What a fabulous name for a colourway , nice and bright too! Flowers look beautiful. lucky you! lol