Saturday, January 02, 2010

new year, new yarn

happy 2010 (i can't believe it)!! a new year means different things to different people, and to me, it can only mean one thing - new yarn. 2009 was the year of homecoming (and the now-ended homecoming collection, inspired by all things scottish) - but now that homecoming is over, it's time for a new collection.

mixtape mosaic

"i made you this mixtape"

all the colourways in this collection are inspired by the lyrics to some of my favourite songs, and designed to work together in various combinations. the first little batch of them is up in the shop now (just search for "mixtape", or check out the "new products" section!), and i'll be dyeing up a pile more this week. i LOVE these colourways, each & every one of them, and i'm very excited to be introducing them to the shop at last!!
happy new yarn everyone (oops, new YEAR...)!!


Karen said...

What beautiful yarns--unusual colors. Love them!

daniele said...

I got a paper slip informing me that A package has to be retrieved on Monday at the Post Office; this is IT, I am sure. Ooohhh, I can' wait !
But I have a question : I always wanted some Bracken and Red Red Rose, but I am more into socks right now, and I am not ready to start another shawl after I finished the Aeolian with the Poseidon colourway -beautiful, beautiful thing.
So the question is : can I use the 2-ply doubled as a 4-ply ? I am not positive that I will do so, but it opens up the range of possibilities, do you see that ?
But then, I wanted to try some Faeroese style shawls, sigh, so many things to knit.
Oh well, maybe I will just order some and then see...
"It is beyond my control", so "resistance is futile"...
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.