Tuesday, December 29, 2009

bleak midwinter

in the bleak midwinter
frosty wind made moan,
earth stood hard as iron,
water like a stone

(christina rossetti, 1872)

it's cold here. so cold, that we've had our first "white christmas" in more than five years (even if it snows elsewhere in the UK, it doesn't normally snow much where we are, and it definitely doesn't stick). well, it stuck this time, and then the snow turned to freezing sleet, which turned to ice, and the ice has stayed for a fair few days now. our little under-insulated sea-front flat is icy - all heaters are turned up to full blast, there are blankets & duvets on the couch to huddle under, and i'm surrounding myself with (equally chilly, i'm sure) furry creatures. around my comfy chair in the living room, i'm collecting lots of cozy knitting projects to work on - if i keep everything within easy reach, i can stay in my blanket-nest as much as possible. & since i've taken to wearing two pairs of wooly socks at a time in an attempt to keep my feet at least semi-warm, i clearly need to keep knitting more socks as fast as i can.
embarrassingly, this pair (they are both finished now, although there's only one in the photo) have been on the needles since january 2009 - i have no idea why, since it's only taken me a couple of days of holiday-tv-knitting to finish the second sock. i'm wearing them now (over another pair, of course) & they're lovely.

handspun socks
plain toe-up sock in sewknitnbeads2 handspun, colourway "lazy daisy"

i'm also finishing up some plain toe-up socks in my own merino/cashmere/nylon 4ply (colourway "bramble" - no photo, sorry!) which have been on the needles since about may 2009, as well as these brainless socks, also in my own merino/cashmere/nylon 4ply (a dyepot-accident-colourway), which have been in progress since july 2009 (blush).

& more brainless socks
"brainless" socks by yarnissima, yarn by me

i'm a tiny bit annoyed with myself at letting these projects sit for so long - i'm getting through them quite quickly (now that i'm actually working on them!), and i'm very pleased with the finished socks (especially since it's sooooooo coooooooollllld...). but at least it means that i've got lots of interesting little projects piled up around my blanket-nest to keep me occupied through this bleak midwinter. if i get bored of one, i can pick up another, and i may not have to leave my cozy spot until the spring....

(...now, if only i didn't have to go to the loo...)


danièle said...

In Lyon, we were certainely cold a few days ago, but today, it is sunny and almost warm. The weather is decidedly going crazy.
Nevertheless, I use my children's holidays as a knitting time as well, and do some couch-knitting. And I do love that :0) I have actually cast on some socks for DH in Midnight Owl, still waiting for the last parcel of the yarn club. At least, this way, I have a good reason to go to my letter box !
I wish you a wonderful, successful, healthy, prosperous and happy New Year !

fey said...

ha! lookit all those happy sock friends! and i lurve the dyepot 'accident' color :-D stay warm!