Monday, November 02, 2009


sometimes, i think i like the preparations for a new project even more than i like knitting it. printing out the pattern, choosing the yarn, carefully selecting needle sizes, and winding all the yarn into sturdy, squat yarn cakes.

adeline preparations

but then, seeing the project taking shape is pretty fun too - especially when it's as beautiful as this one is (check out the amazing cabled section!).

adeline sleeve

i've been chosen to be a test knitter for the gorgeous adeline coat (ravelry project page link, but lucy has a beautiful photo of hers on flickr), a new design from lucy sweetland designs (a black pepper). i'm pretty excited about this project - it's a stunning design, and i'm quite honoured to be trusted with the test knitting, and to be among the first to make it. it's a great combination of the simple & the intricate, and despite some initial gauge issues, i'm almost done the first sleeve already, even though i only cast on for it on saturday.
i've got a "deadline" (not officially demanded, but politely requested) of 3-4 weeks, which seems manageable, so expect to see a lot more about this project over the next while, as everything else will be taking a back seat! it's no hardship, though - this project is making me very happy.


Karen said...

Love the look of the yarn knitted up. Simply beautiful.

Liz said...

What a beautiful, rich colour. Perfect for textured stitches.