Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a fugue state

i'm sorry for the blog silence - things have been pretty chaotic around here, and i haven't really had much time to myself. we're in the midst of a great big DIY mess - most of the laminate flooring in the flat is being replaced, as well as most of the bedroom furniture, not to mention tearing down old wallpaper, skimming walls & ceilings, and repainting....
in the past couple of weeks, i've spent more time that i care to recall doing things like pulling up laminate flooring & carting it to the dump, taking apart old furniture & getting rid of it, and building new things from ikea (which i'm now fairly certain is actually swedish for "satan", such is the diabolical nature of their near-indecipherable so-called "instructions"). in the past few days, i've made more trips up & down our two flights of narrow, winding stairs than i normally would in a month (carrying heavy things up & down & up & down). and i've managed to cram just about everything we own into the small spare room, to clear the way for the new laminate flooring to be put in. i'd take pictures, but it's just too depressing.
i'm utterly exhausted, & wouldn't be at all surprised if i suddenly succumbed to a fugue state - the idea of completely forgetting all the chaos & heading off for parts unknown seems incredibly tempting.
alas, i think i'm doomed to stay here & suffer the clutter & disorder - thankfully, the new flooring is being put in this week, and the rest of the new furniture is arriving on saturday, so everything should be more or less back to normal by sunday evening.
and happily, i've got something lovely & new to distract me...

fugue tam

i'm extremely excited to be working in collaboration with the amazingly talented kate davies, who has created this fantastic new design especially for old maiden aunt yarns - fugue, which will be available in kit form, in a variety of colourway combinations, with an option of either tam or mitts.

fugue mitt

kate's designs are utterly lovely, full of incredible thought, planning, & attention to the minutest of details, and i'm thrilled that she's created such a gorgeous design using my yarn. the base is a new one for me, a 4ply pure welsh wool from bowmont braf. this yarn is beautiful - soft & squishy, fluffy & light, yet wonderfully warm & durable when knitted up into the dense fabric of this design.
the pattern & yarn is off to the test knitters & tech editors, and i'm just waiting for my batch of base yarn to arrive (this year's clip of the bowmont braf wool is currently off at the mill being spun & should be with me within the next couple of weeks) - with any luck, the first batch of kits should be available in the web shop by mid-december. the kit will include kate's pattern and enough of the luscious bowmont braf to knit either a tam or mitts, and will be packaged in a lovely little "old maiden aunt" project bag (a new product for me as well, which will also be available in the web shop soon!).
if you'd like to be added to an email list to be notified when the kits start to become available for purchase, please drop me an email. until then, i'll be working away at home, trying to restore my wee flat to some kind of normality...

fugue kit

i'll see you later!!

(all photos belong to kate davies & are used with her permission)


Paula said...

Hope all settles down quickly. The kits sound amazing.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I hope all the stressful stuff gets sorted out soon. I just received my second parcel from the yarn club and it absolutely made my day, thanks for reminding me of how awesome Joni Mitchell is, it was just what I needed!
The Fugue set is just gorgeous and as I commented on Kate's blog when she posted about it, I am going to be getting my hands on a kit just as soon as they are available. I am so excited for you, what a great collaberation! Please could you pop me on the list to be notified when they become available? (goodmorningjane AT gmail DOT com) Thank you so much!

Liz said...

Gorgeous - I know I'll be knitting some of these!