Sunday, October 18, 2009

yarn club - october!

yarn club - october!

the first yarn club mailing is all packed up & ready to go! unfortunately, i'm still waiting to receive a couple of the little things i'd planned to include as "extras" in this mailing. but since the postal service is going on strike for 48 hours at the end of this week (thursday/friday), i decided it was better to get these parcels out as soon as possible - even though i don't have everything that i wanted to include - in the hopes that the UK ones would be delivered well before thursday, and the non-UK ones would at least have cleared the UK before any strike action! the missing few little things will just have to go out with the november mailing instead, so everyone will get extra "extras" next month. i went back & forth on this a lot, and in the end, decided that it was better for everyone to get their yarn on time and include the treats in next month's mailing than to have this month's mailing be delayed.
it will all go in the post first thing tomorrow morning, & i'm really nervous - it's the first time i've done a yarn club, and it still boggles my mind that so many people have been willing to hand over their hard-earned yarn money to me, without knowing anything about what they'll be getting, and just trust me to send them something good. so fingers crossed - it's all heading out to you tomorrow, and i hope you like it!!


Alison said...

OH oh oh I'm so excited! Just seeing all those gold packages sitting there is super exciting. We have a long weekend here next weekend so hopefully mine will arrive early next week when we get back from holiday :-) I was just wandering today if htere was a date sent for mail out. Congrats on the yarn club Lilith I'm sure everyone will love the yarn and be screaming out for more in the future.

doviejay said...

oh my goodness I can't wait!!

I hope the international orders don't take to long - I might not be able to stay away from spoilers in the Ravelry group!!

danièle said...

I am so excited !
And I am sure that every and each of us will be awfully spoiled by the yarn you are sending out.
I just can't wait !
Thnak you so much !

Tricia said...

Really looking forward to getting the first yarn club parcel! I think you definitely made the right call re the treats - I can wait for those quite patiently, but the thought of the yarn getting caught up in the strike is just awful!

Black Purl said...

I'm so looking forward to my parcel! I really appreciate that you sent out our yarn and it makes me even more excited about the next parcel with "extra" extras. So sorry that you have to worry about the silly mail strike. Thanks for everything!