Thursday, October 08, 2009

national poetry day

cashmere cowl
"the kind of work that keeps you together" - basic cowl, handmaiden cashmere

How to Knit a Poem (Gwyneth Lewis)

The whole thing starts with a single knot
and needles. A word and pen. Tie a loop
in nothing. Look at it. Cast on, repeat

the procedure till you have a line
that you can work with.
It’s a pattern made of relation alone,

my patience, my rhythm, till empty bights
create a fabric that can be worn,
if you’re lucky and practised. It’s never too late

to pick up dropped stitches, each hole a clue
to something that might be bothering you,
though I link mine with ribbons and pretend

I meant them to happen. I make a net
of meaning that I carry round
portable, to work on sound

in trains and terrible waiting rooms.
It’s thought in action. It redeems
odd corners of disposable time,

making them fashion. It’s the kind of work
that keeps you together. The neck’s too tight,
but tell me honestly: How do I look?


fey said...

thank you for posting this; it is lovely..."It redeems
odd corners of disposable time..."


Karen said...

Love you poem! Thanks!

Kirsten said...

this poem really made my day, as good literature and good knitting always does - the kind of work that keeps you together ... so true! thank you lilith for posting it

Paula said...

Enjoyed the poem!

Have your ears been burning? I've mentioned your wool several times in my last few posts. Just finished Ishbel in Bracken and it is one of my favorite shawls EVER!