Tuesday, September 15, 2009

in recovery

i'm safely back home after a crazy weekend, doing an old maiden aunt yarns trunk show at socktopus in london. & even though i was seriously delayed getting back (my 2pm flight home was delayed, then cancelled, then i was bumped on to the 5:30pm flight, which was then delayed for over an hour, & i finally made it home 5 hours later than planned!) it was totally worth it.
there were delicious brownies made by ali, and the best deli sandwich ever, and candy galore. (click on any pic to embiggen in flickr!)

socktopus 1

i shipped a big box of yarn down ahead of time, & we filled up the shop with colourful piles of sock yarn.

socktopus 3

the trunk show was set to open from 12-5pm, but at 11:45am, this happened (good thing the door was locked!).

socktopus 4

well, we couldn't keep them standing out there, could we? but someone who arrived bang on time (12:01pm) felt a little left out...

socktopus 5socktopus 6

...especially when she found out that someone else had already scooped up most of the purple colourways...

socktopus 7

(it's not my fault - i was bribed with wollmeise - & managed to hang onto it, despite the presence of a would-be wollmeise thief!!)

wollmeise theft!

... & that lots of other folk already had armfuls of (purple) yarn as well...

socktopus 9socktopus 10

i think everyone was happy with what they got in the end, though.

socktopus 8

thank you so much to alice for having me, and to all you mad london knitters for being so fab & welcoming - and for buying lots of my yarn (i'm shipping back less than half of what i shipped down - hurrah!). i'd come back anytime - but next time, i'm taking the train!! & for today, at least, i'm in recovery - some simple knitting, my alias dvd box set, and a big box of chocolates (from the RSA, waiting for me when i got home, yay!).


Tricia said...

Less than half? That's brilliant! Thanks for bringing your gorgeous yarn down to London - it was great to be able to fondle it in person again and to meet you. My mind's been buzzing with ideas for projects using the beauties I scored on Sunday and I'm really looking forward to knitting with it. I'm glad you enjoyed meeting the "mad london knitters" - they are a really great bunch. We weren't that scary, were we?!

Anonymous said...

This knitter from Sweden is glad that she was one of the first ones in the shop. Hubby likes his yarn (dark blue and black) and thinks it will be wonderful socks. I'm loving my red, red rose. It's funny, I don't really even like red, but this particular one was too hard to pass up!

I'm so glad that you were there! It was a nice ending to my London knitting get-away!

Anonymous said...

it was awesome to host you - come back soon !! (by train!!). ;)

i'm working on the russian oligarch. will let you know if there is any progress.....


Paula said...

It was a fun afternoon especially with all that yarn and the brownies too.

Sorry to hear you had a delay coming back. My flight actually arrived early.

Flavaknits said...

It was lovely to see you in London - I was amazed at the armfuls of yarn , such a lovely thing to see!
Glad you got home safe and sound if a bit later!