Tuesday, September 08, 2009

to sum up

1. i have somehow managed to pull a muscle in my - erm - posterior. this injury is at once utterly ludicrous (try telling someone - without laughing - that you have, in effect, sprained your ass. it's not possible.) and ludicrously debilitating. currently, i can't comfortably do any of the following things: stand; sit; lie down; get in or out of a chair or bed; walk; climb or descend stairs; bend at the waist or knees; step in or out of the bath; put clothing on my lower half; etc. don't worry - i'm still doing all of these things (especially that last one, for everyone's sake) even though it hurts. & thankfully, it seems to be starting to get a little better already. unless, that is, the washing up needs done.
2. i have also somehow developed a twitch in my cheek (the one on my face this time) which makes it look as though i'm winking lasciviously (in an exaggerated "carry on" sort of way) at random passersby. add to this the occasional absentminded massaging of my - erm - injured part, and the overall effect is one that may well see me getting arrested before the end of the week.
3. the above-mentioned twitch (as well as the absentmindedness) may possibly be related to the (approximately) 27 pints of coffee that i have managed to ingest today while waiting for the courier to pick up this yarn:

stocking up...

(packed into a big box, naturally). it's on its way down to london for a trunk show this sunday at socktopus, and the courier company gave a pickup window of 8am-6pm today (helpful, no?). i was at the studio at 7:45am "in case they were early", having pretty much rolled out of bed, put a bra on under my pajamas, dragged the still-sleeping pup out to the car, and whizzed out to the studio. the courier arrived at 4:30pm.
4. the above-mentioned twitch may also be due to the fact that up until last week, i was blissfully unaware that this coming weekend is also IKnit London, a massive annual knitting event/yarnorgy, which essentially results in almost every knitter in the UK (& lots from other places as well) turning up in london simultaneously. turns out that many of them are also staying on for the sunday as well, and planning a visit to my socktopus trunk show, which is more than a little intimidating. especially when one confirmed trunk-show-attendee is also one of my favourite sock designers, whose sock pattern "brainless" i had planned to knit as my travel project this weekend - although i may rethink that, as it seems a bit like going to a concert wearing the t-shirt of the band you're going to see.
5. to sum up - aching, twitchy, overly caffeinated, and a little freaked out - london, here i come! (think they'll let me in?)


Twelfthknit said...

So, you really do have a pin in the ass ;0)

Kathleen said...

That yarn pile for the Socktopus trunk show looks simply amazing. Want want want.
Hope all your body parts settle down soon :-) x K

Marie - Stashsiren, Ravelry. said...

Oh, man!!! Believe me, I have done this a few times myself whilst dragging the irksome spine around - it's a REAL pain in the a**e in every way!! Now as to the twitching - try not to make eye contact whilst this is going on with ANYONE who looks the least bit suspect - especially on train station if er, you know what i'm sayin'!! But seriously - have a good time in London despite the blasted aches and I just KNOW the OMA yarns are going to go down a storm!!! ;))

Liz said...

Yeah, last time I checked London had pretty lax border controls.

Flavaknits said...

Hope to see you at Socktopus! Am at Iknit Fri/Sat. Hope the pain gets better soon , and don't worry about the winking ,London is full of people who do strange things without folk batting an eyelid ! (No pun intended)
Also - believe me when I say there are worse places to have a pain!! lo
Take care