Wednesday, September 23, 2009

all that i'm capable of

so far, wednesday isn't going that great. right from its very first minute, things weren't good, and we were very rudely awakened at about 12.01am (after only having gone to sleep about half an hour before). i'll spare you the details, but let's just say that the dog is as sick as... well, as a dog. and that the way this sickness was -ahem- manifesting itself, none of us got any sleep at all, and that over the course of the next 8 or so hours, there were many, many throw-coat-on-hastily-over-pajamas-grab-dog-and-run-outside-at-full-speed moments. sigh. fingers crossed, there seems to be a lull in the -ahem- "activities", and the pup has been convinced to eat something, drink something, and nap on the couch, so hopefully the worst has -ahem- passed.
unfortunately, i'm not a person who does well on no sleep, so i'm more or less non-functional today - in fact, if any of this post makes even the least bit of sense, i'll be quite impressed. i've decided to close the studio, just in case things don't improve (i normally take the pup in to work with me, which just doesn't seem like a good plan today - but then, neither does leaving him on his own at home!) - maybe if we both just rest & reboot, things will be ok again tomorrow.
& since i'm ridiculously low on brain-power today, this is all that i'm capable of...

parisian fluff

it's the short-row cardigan from la droguerie in paris (or, as it's more properly known, the "gilet à rangs raccourcis") & it's a work of utterly simple genius - worked in garter stitch, side to side, using basic short rows to shape the yoke and the sleeves. i bought the yarn & the pattern together when we were in paris this summer, and it's knitted in their own 4ply 100% alpaca held together with a strand of their own laceweight mohair - essentially making a fine dk/sportweight yarn, but worked on 5mm needles for a lovely light fabric. i'm not normally a mohair fan, but the yarns worked together are so soft & luxurious, and the knitted fabric is so fluffy & squashable, that i may just have been converted. the pattern uses the same four-row repeat throughout, so it's perfect for a day like today - completely & utterly mindless, and just about all that i'm capable of.

p.s. so far, 25 people have signed up for the yarn club - is it bad that that's completely freaking me out??!?


Black Purl said...

Sorry to hear that your pup is ill. There's nothing quite like having to hightail it out into the back garden in the middle of the night in your nightie carrying a sick dog. Is it weird that I always wonder what the neighbors will think?

Flavaknits said...

Poor Puppy and poor you! Hope its all better soon. That yarn looks so squishy and fabulous , great colour too.

Karen said...

Hope your wee dog is feeling better soon--and that you get caught up on sleep!