Thursday, August 06, 2009

new love

it's true - i move on quickly. none of this sitting & pining over things lost - nope, i've moved on to something new before the dust even settles.

brainless socks
new socks, in the "reclaimed" yarn from the pair that didn't work

just because things didn't work out between me & my monkeys, doesn't mean i'm living a life without socks - sometimes, you need something a little brainless to get over an old love.

(p.s. i realised belatedly that some of you took my last post to mean that things were not well on the home front! don't worry - i only "broke up" with my socks, not with the Resident Sock Appreciator!!)


Marie (stashsiren) said...

Having seen these in person, Lilith - I cannot tell you how crazy I am about this colourway!

It was brilliant to see you again on Saturday - and your wee studio is the one place that Duncan never minds driving me to (it's all the amazing stuff in pots and the spinning wheel - he is intrigued)! ;))

Karen said...

Hey, your new socks look great. Better than the old set would have looked any day, right?