Friday, August 14, 2009

unlucky for some

all this time, i thought it was friday the 13th that was meant to be the unlucky day - but as it turns out, friday the 14th might not be that great either. driving in to the studio this morning, i slid gently & gracefully around a curve in the road.... and the back end of my car kept on sliding (not so gracefully, though). it's been pretty rainy today, and there must have been a slick patch on the road - the slide turned into a skid, and my car performed a neat full circle before shooting off the side of the road (backwards), down a small embankment (still backwards), and came to rest in some brush, stopping just before we reversed onto the beach & into the sea.
i guess it could have been worse - the road was fairly busy, and the slide could easily have gone the other way, into heavy oncoming traffic. the tide could have been in (!!). i could have been badly hurt - as it is, i feel mostly ok, apart from a sore right shoulder (probably due to some pretty intense wrestling with the steering wheel!). the pup (who was in the back) could have been hurt - he's ok too, and doesn't even seem to be that worried about it (he's passed out snoring in his bed like nothing ever happened). and the car will hopefully be ok as well - there didn't seem to be an awful lot of damage (although i'm still waiting to hear back from the repair centre, so cross your fingers for me!).
even so, it was pretty scary - so, after waiting about in the pouring rain for the tow truck to show up, i've pretty much given up on the rest of the day. gone is the plan to head into the studio for a day of hard work (i've got a ton of stuff to do, but it will just have to wait). instead, i'm planning an afternoon of hot baths, hot drinks (& stiff drinks too), good books, bad movies, and knitting. & here's what i'll be having for tea...

c is for cookie
C is for cookie...

...that's good enough for me.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

new love

it's true - i move on quickly. none of this sitting & pining over things lost - nope, i've moved on to something new before the dust even settles.

brainless socks
new socks, in the "reclaimed" yarn from the pair that didn't work

just because things didn't work out between me & my monkeys, doesn't mean i'm living a life without socks - sometimes, you need something a little brainless to get over an old love.

(p.s. i realised belatedly that some of you took my last post to mean that things were not well on the home front! don't worry - i only "broke up" with my socks, not with the Resident Sock Appreciator!!)