Wednesday, July 15, 2009

monkeys everywhere

phew - i'm back. i actually got back last week, but have been busy dyeing like mad to try & restock the shop (lots of yarn mysteriously disappeared while i was gone - i'll be checking what my shop volunteers add to their ravelry stash listings, as i certainly have my suspicions as to where it's all gone...).
the trip was great, but exhausting - it's nice to be home. & i did manage to plow through quite a lot of knitting while i was away, what with all the sitting about & chatting that we did - but it's not gone quite how i expected it to.
i thought i'd get a lot done on my paper crane - a super-fine stockinette knit that goes on forever, which would be perfect for a holiday with a lot of sitting/knitting/chatting time. but then something else happened.
first there were these - i just about finished one on the plane, and the other grew quickly during my first few days in canada.

monkey scum!
socks that rock lightweight in "pond scum"

then, there was this - i bought the yarn (in a very familiar colour!) in my next few days in canada, and wound it up at the shop so i could start straightaway.

somoko monkeys
fleece artist somoko, can't remember the colour

then, before i could even start the second one, this happened (at least it's a different colour...?).

monkeys at midnight
my own merino sock yarn in "midnight"

i don't know what's going on - i'm mad for the monkeys!! i think this may be my sock for the summer - i've now knitted the pattern so many times that i don't even need to look at the charts anymore (& the leg of the last one is accidentally one pattern repeat longer than it ought to be as i was too busy chatting & just kept knitting).
and as if that wasn't enough - guess what i'm going to make with this new acquisition?

koigu kpppm p860
a small part of my koigu purchases at lettuce knit

would that be so wrong?


Paula said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with that from the person who has knit 9 pairs I think and has the whole thing memorised.

Liz said...

I'm on eight. Do you want to join my (unofficial) Twelve Monkeys challenge?

Karen said...

You've inspired me. I haven't tried the pattern yet. But I have just the yarn! Good!

Kate said...

One pair was more than enough! But that could be because I have the attention span of a two year old and I get bored easily. They look great though, so you should definitely knit lots more. You can never have too many socks.

Flavaknits said...

I'm thinking of doing some "chunky" monkeys in a DK yarn - They look so good . Also will be trying to deplete your "new" stock soon , got a thing for the Red Red Rose! lol

Kirsten said...

After I ordered some of your absolutely gorgeous yarn, I happened to notice on your profile that it is your birthday on 20 July! Happy birthday and many happy returns. May they be filled with sheep, monkeys and many more of your favourite things.