Friday, July 24, 2009

it's not you - it's me

have you ever been in a relationship where, although you've been together for some time now, you can't quite shake the feeling that something just isn't right? you seem to be putting in all the time & effort, and your other half just isn't pulling their weight. and although you try to keep going, there finally comes a point where you have to admit it - this just isn't working.

midnight monkeys
one entire monkey sock... which doesn't fit.

sure, you can try to ignore the obvious. you can try to distract yourself with other things.

noro striped socks
lovely noro striped socks, which do fit!!

but eventually, you just have to come clean - you just don't fit. you're at a stage in your life where you really just want some time on your own. you need to spend more time on your career. you just don't feel like you have anything left to give.

goodbye, monkey...

it's not you - it's me.....

Monday, July 20, 2009


happy birthday 33

once a year we celebrate
with stupid hats and plastic plates
the fact that you were able to make
another trip around the sun
and the whole gang gathers round
and gifts and laughter do abound
and we let out a joyful sound
and sing that stupid song

happy birthday! - now you're one year older
happy birthday! - your life still isn't over
happy birthday! - you did not accomplish much
but you didn't die this year, i guess that's good enough

so let's drink to your fading health
and hope you don't remind yourself
your chance of finding fame and wealth
decrease with every year
does it feel like you're doing laps
and eating food and taking naps
and hoping that someday perhaps
your life will hold some cheer

happy birthday! - what have you done that matters?
happy birthday! - you're starting to get fatter
happy birthday! - it's downhill from now on
try not to remind yourself your best years are all gone

if cryogenics were all free
then you could live like Walt Disney
and live for all eternity
inside a block of ice
but instead your time is set
this is the only life you get
and though it hasn't ended yet
sometimes you wish it might

happy birthday! - you wish you had more money
happy birthday! - your life's so sad it's funny
happy birthday! - how much more can you take?
but your friends are hungry so just cut the stupid cake

(arrogant worms, "the happy happy birthday song")

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

monkeys everywhere

phew - i'm back. i actually got back last week, but have been busy dyeing like mad to try & restock the shop (lots of yarn mysteriously disappeared while i was gone - i'll be checking what my shop volunteers add to their ravelry stash listings, as i certainly have my suspicions as to where it's all gone...).
the trip was great, but exhausting - it's nice to be home. & i did manage to plow through quite a lot of knitting while i was away, what with all the sitting about & chatting that we did - but it's not gone quite how i expected it to.
i thought i'd get a lot done on my paper crane - a super-fine stockinette knit that goes on forever, which would be perfect for a holiday with a lot of sitting/knitting/chatting time. but then something else happened.
first there were these - i just about finished one on the plane, and the other grew quickly during my first few days in canada.

monkey scum!
socks that rock lightweight in "pond scum"

then, there was this - i bought the yarn (in a very familiar colour!) in my next few days in canada, and wound it up at the shop so i could start straightaway.

somoko monkeys
fleece artist somoko, can't remember the colour

then, before i could even start the second one, this happened (at least it's a different colour...?).

monkeys at midnight
my own merino sock yarn in "midnight"

i don't know what's going on - i'm mad for the monkeys!! i think this may be my sock for the summer - i've now knitted the pattern so many times that i don't even need to look at the charts anymore (& the leg of the last one is accidentally one pattern repeat longer than it ought to be as i was too busy chatting & just kept knitting).
and as if that wasn't enough - guess what i'm going to make with this new acquisition?

koigu kpppm p860
a small part of my koigu purchases at lettuce knit

would that be so wrong?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

oh, canada

well, i survived the plane journey (and they even let me bring my knitting on board - i took a photo with my new iphone to prove it, but i can't figure out how to get the darn thing off the phone!) and made it safely to canada, where i've been spending time with family. there's an awful lot of us, so it was pretty hectic - but now everyone else has headed back to work & i'm just here hanging out with my wee mummy, so we can relax a bit/die of exhaustion. after the busy & intense family weekend, we were both pretty tired - but we did muster the energy to take a drive down to a local yarn store... and much to my surprise, i found quite a lot of interesting things!!

rose haven farm store purchases
fleece artist somoko sock yarn & two colours of merino/silk combed tops; habu textiles 100% linen

since i'm staying with my mum in my fairly small hometown, and the yarn store was in an even smaller town about 30 minutes' drive away, i was pleasantly surprised at the vast selection of fabulous yarns they had in stock (and my wallet was unpleasantly surprised at the amount of money falling out of it, but that's another story!). & although i brought plenty of sock yarn with me, i couldn't resist the bright grellow (green/yellow) somoko sock yarn, and balled it up at the store so i could start yet another pair of grellow monkey socks (i finished most of the first sock of that pair on the plane, and the second sock yesterday!).
it's been pretty strange being back in canada after so long. it's been at least five years since i've been back, and a lot has changed - but a lot has stayed the same as well, which is even stranger (but so far, at least, i've managed to avoid running into anyone i went to highschool with - fingers crossed i make it through the rest of the trip without seeing anyone from "the best years of my life"!!!). & am i missing scotland at all?

monkey socks, missing home

well, i'll let you be the judge of that...