Wednesday, June 24, 2009

priorities & essentials

as any knitter knows, our priorities are very different to those of non-knitters. non-knitters, when faced with a transatlantic trip of over two weeks, would be focusing on packing the essentials - clothing, toiletries, & all the other odds & ends that one might need to survive two weeks away from the comforts of home. knitters, on the other hand? well, we focus on the survival essentials as well - but our essentials are slightly different.
essential #1: will my finished-just-in-time, brand-new-summer-lace-shawl, blocked-this-morning-and-still-pinned-to-the-bed, dry in time for me to wear it on the plane tomorrow?

caricia detail
caricia shawl from, in handmaiden mini maiden, colourway "bronze"

essential #2: will my planned-for-weeks, endlessly-big-holiday-knitting-project-on-tiny-needles, swatched-with-love-and-care, actually keep me going for the whole two weeks, or should i pack a couple of skeins of sock yarn as well? (answer - yes. pack the sock yarn, just in case.)

steel crane swatching
paper crane cardigan by assemblage, swatched in my own laceweight held together with a strand of habu stainless steel/wool blend

essential #3: will the security folk, for the love of elizabeth zimmermann, will they oh will they... let me take my knitting on the plane??? (i'll let you know.)

monkey scum!
monkey socks, in socks that rock lightweight, colourway "pond scum"

now that the essentials are taken care of, i'll see if i can find some room in my bags for a few clothes - after all, i'll need to leave some room for the yarn i'm bound to bring back with me....
it's all a question of priorities, you know.


Liz said...

Yeah, it looks like you've got your priorities in the right order. Hope you have a great trip.

Kathleen said...

The selection of the knitting projects can make or break a trip in my experience, so time spent planning them is well invested, in my book! x K

RooKnits said...

You always need some sock yarn and spare needles - just in case.

Paula said...

With the needles, it depends on the airline. I found that from Scotland to the US they are more restrictive than the other direction. I always take bamboo needles, which seem to be less threatening. They have never been taken away. Once I was told in Glasgow that no knitting needles would be allowed but they have relaxed just a bit since then.

Batty said...

I haven't had issues with wooden DPN's. Wouldn't try to take Addi Turbos into the cabin, but apparently, nobody cares about wooden US #0's.

I always carry socks on vacation... we're flying down to South Carolina this summer, and I'm bringing a sock in progress and some good hot weather yarn -- not wool, because that will felt while I knit down there. It's important to bring the right knit!
Besides, maybe they do sell yarn in South Carolina... I hope you didn't forget to check for knitting stores around the area you're going for your vacation!
Souvenir yarn is important and does not count as stash.

Flavaknits said...

Those look like great projects to take on vacation! Love the shawl , soooo pretty.
Hope you get to take the sock knitting on the plane .. at least.
Have fun!

Anni said...

think you have got your priorities just right. And good luck with the knitting ont he plane. I've never had any problems with knitting. Even at Stansted last year when they went through my whole hand luggage and found two lots of sock knitting with metal dpns. No problem at all. They were more worried about the fact that I'd not put my hand cream and lip stick in a clear plastic bag and carried it separately through security. Have a good holiday.