Friday, April 17, 2009

holy macro!!

i got a big & fancy new camera last week, & while i'm getting to grips with all its other features (it's very tech-tastic, & frankly i'm more than a little scared of it!) i've been playing around with some macro shots. everything has been subject to some up-close scrutiny... (you can click on any picture to go to its flickr page & see it embiggened!)

combed tops closeup
closeup combed tops

handspun cowl closeup
closeup knitting

handspun closeup
closeup handspun

finn closeup
& even closeup pup

nothing is safe anymore - just wait till i figure out the rest of the functions!!


roro said...

Awwwwwwwwww! Cutest pup ever! Nice photos!

Liz said...

Close-up pup is so cute with those wistful eyes. Were you holding up a biscuit behind the camera?

Jeanne said...

Great pictures! Especially the puppy!

Helen said...

I want to steal your dog!

Anni said...

Love the fiber in the first pic.