Tuesday, April 28, 2009


it's been difficult here recently - i won't go into details, but things have been sad & stressful. & sometimes, there's only one solution...

handspun sweater, biscuits, hot chocolate

in days to come, when your heart feels undone
may you always find an open hand
take comfort wherever you can

(deb talan, "comfort")


Kathlen @ fankle said...

Hi Lilith,
Hope you feel better soon. Take care,
Kathleen xxx

Christina said...

I wish you the best and hope things get better for you! I quite agree -- a cozy sweater, a cuppa, some delightful munchies and some knitting is a great source of comfort. Happy Knitting!

Michelle said...

I do hope you feel better soon! Chin up- things always have a way of sorting themselves out.

Thinking of you!


Paula said...

HUgs. Hope things are better soon.

Jeanne said...

Hope things are better soon!

Flavaknits said...

What a lovely photo! Hope your wee corner of comfort helps you feel a wee bit better soon! Take care.


ambermoggie said...

Sending some virtual hugs and virtual chocolates. Hope things improve soon

kat said...

*hugs* gal

roro said...

Hope things look up soon - and that the knitting and cookies are helping!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well, look after yourself.